The Flight of ICARUS*

One day in the island of Crete

Minos wanted to have a maze that is concrete

He commanded Daedalus that was so discreet

And this is one of the starts of the myth


Daedalus’ bad luck was in season

He and his son was got imprisoned

A maze that was not complicated was the reason

Because for Minos that was called treason


Daedalus thought of an effective plan

For Minos have controlled the sea and the land,

He thought of travelling by air with his son

They wanted to fly in the air which they can


Icarus collected feathers that was so many

Those from the seagulls and not from the canary

Daedalus melted a wax to form wings, busily

While Icarus played on the beach noisily


They made the wings successfully

They were about to escape hopefully

Daedalus tried the wings so freely

He then made for his son happily


The father and son were very happy with their flight

But they must move and fly very light

For they would fall in land which might

And because they travel in a very day light


Daedalus planned to leave in the hand of Minos

They flew to Labinthus, to Delos and Samos

But up an up flew by Icarus

Until he couldn’t see by his father, Daedalus


Icarus’ wax in his wings had melted

Because of the sun that was well-lighted

The feathers started to fall in dead

So the help of Daedalus, the one he needed


Icarus fall through the clouds, into the sea

He lay dead and their flight cannot be called victory

His father called the place Icaria in his memory

And Daedalus arrived safely in the place of Sicily


Daedalus freedom have been achieved

But Icarus did not long lived

The bad luck in escaping they have received

Daedalus would take it in decisive


*This is my output in English during my 4th year in high school. So high school!


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