PNoy’s Starting Point

Few months and weeks ago, we have witnessed the impeachment trial first given to a Chief Justice. Two sides, the prosecution and the defense teams, have shown to us the evidences why the highest official of the judiciary of the Republic of the Philippines should be impeached and not impeached, respectively.

The time has come. Verdict has been decided, of course, through very legal and constitutional processes. The Chief Justice was convicted.

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I was surprised by the verdict. I am personally wanted to acquit the Chief Justice. I wanted him to be on that decision but with what I have known, I did not want him to still be the Chief Justice.

But I still find the decision of the Chief Justice not to resign on his office very good, before the trial goes on. The senators said, before the trial started, that he must be resigned as a Chief Justice because it was only time consuming and they would not do what they ought to do. The people also have that same opinion. The Chief Justice did not resign unlike the other officials who did it to show that their consciences were clean and good.

After the convicted verdict, the Chief Justice accepted the decision of the court (where senators acted as judges). But there was no silence…

Finally, the Chief Justice had been convicted. He was ousted in his office. And finally, the president of the Philippines, Benigno S. Aquino III, will now do what he ought and must do.

Why I say that? Because, there is no other person or someone who could prevent him from doing something for this country.

The president was blaming the Chief Justice why he was not moving or acting. There was like a wall that prevents his action. Because, according to, that the Chief Justice was deciding on some issues opposed to what the president wanted. The Chief Justice was an appointee of ex-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo after all, who was the major cause of the problems that the current president is still giving solutions.

Some of the instances that the Chief Justice was opposing the president’s decision and favouring to the ex-president are:

1. The removal of the Truth Commission to investigate ex-PGMA, where the Court considered it unconstitutional.
2. The Supreme Court’s decision about the Hacienda Luisita Issues, where the land must be distributed to the farmers and where the current president is one of the stockholders.
3. The decision of the Court about the medication abroad of ex-PGMA where it allows the latter to go out of the country, where the DOJ assumed it that ex-PGMA will skip the cases filed against her; and others.

The Chief Justice had been convicted and ex-PGMA was in a house-arrest. This time will now be PNoy’s starting point to shine. This is the time for him to do what he must do without any more force, without anyone who would prevent it from being implemented.

I think, most of his first years, months or days are blaming only the past administration from what is the country’s condition when he was elected and seated. He also keeps on saying in those first times that they must pay for it. No one will ever be skipped. Well, he was right actually but he just focused more on that.

This year is the second year of PNoy as the president. Let us see what he can do and do what he can. Let us give him the chance to be in the center stage. I know that he have much more to say and do. Let us think that he is just on his on-the-job training and anytime we want, he must be fired. Actually, for the militants, he has been fired so many times but he still applying.

As the citizens of this country, we have also the responsibility to help our society. Do not forget the bayanihan that our ancestors taught to us. We have the hands. Pinoys’ starting point is now.


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