Zydny and His Impossible Girl

Zydny is an 18 year old guy who never experienced having a girlfriend. He also never did courting a girl or dating them. But he has no problem in his physical appearance. He looks good, handsome and dress like a true and full grown man. He is always even the class representative to any pageant in his school. He is also an intelligent teenager. In fact, he is always in the list of top students in their class.

There is no doubt that Zyndy is handsome and smart. He comes from a family with true beauty and intelligence. His father is a topnotcher board examinee in Architecture. His mother is a BS Tourism graduate from a premier private university in Manila. And his brothers and sisters are also good looking with brains. But unlike his siblings, he never loved. It is of course aside from his family.

The only problem he experienced without having a girlfriend is he, himself. He has a certain principle that his friends do not understand. They make everything just to have Zydny a girlfriend but nothing seems to be effective. They went to all girls’ schools where they could find one but no one in their got the attention of Zydny. He is not interested. His friends also took him to a club or bar but he only said that it was a sin and sex is such a very holy thing to do. Well, he just read his notes and played his PSP while his friends were staring and having fun at the dancing half-naked girls in front.

His family noticed about it. They also suggested to look for a girl since he is already 18. But Zydny does not think for it. He cares for his studies. He always looks forward to have new clothes and gadgets. But sometimes he thinks about looking for a girlfriend, somehow.

When he was alone after his birthday party, he said to himself that he should find someone who would be with her forever. He said that he must find a girl who is intelligent like him because he did not want to break the intelligence legacy among the family members. A girl who is honest is also what he likes. He also wants a girl who is loyal, not very sensitive but not insensitive, understanding, beautiful inside and out and God-fearing.

But where he could find a girl with all these characteristics? Where should he start? And the day after his birthday, he texted two of his friends, encouraged them to go somewhere to find the girl he wants but when they started walking, heavy rain poured down and the way was in zero visibility.


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