Feeling nervous. No. Calm. Oh my God. This feeling is so awkward. I doubt. No, I must continue this. No. No. Three steps left to enter. Two. And before one, the door of the office opens. Then, there was blankness.

Aside from the fact that I was nervous the day when I passed my probationary article, specifically, Police News, I was also shy. I was shy because it was my first time. (Not my first time to come to the Collegian office. I think, that was because of my probationary status and for the fact that I did not think I have done a right article.) I thought of different chances and situations. Those were all negatives. But I continued my journey. That means, I was positive.

I immediately entered the office. It was a not-so-small, not-so-big office, enough for the staffs to do whatever they want to do. I sat on a bench-like chair for about 15 minutes. There were no people to talk to. Because of boredom, I decided to go out for a while. Well, fear attacked me when I realized that the fourth floor of Vinzon’s Hall was very dark. I usually imagining things which would make my hair stand. I forgot to say that I came to the office around 6 p.m. so that time, sun was beginning to set.  And I was in UP Diliman, after all.

I was again entered the office. Then a guy saw me and asked what I needed or who I was looking for or what was my agenda there. I said that I was looking for the editor-in-chief to pass my article. Then, he left me and went to the other room to tell to the person that I was looking for him, I guess. After a while, I saw myself giving my article to the editor-in-chief. He told me after to wait outside (referring to the ‘waiting’ room). Around 10 minutes, the man or the white-skinned man with an eyeglass who ‘entertain’ me, went to me carrying my articles. He gave it back to me and told that I am finally admitted to the Philippine Collegian.

I was surprised and I doubt if that man (named Richard or Jacob) was saying the truth. His face was very serious and I actually let him to repeat what he had just said. I’m convinced.

I was so happy. I ran downstairs. I wanted to celebrate that day. But I was alone. Nobody knew that I was accepted until the release of my first ever article.

My dream of becoming a writer in the Collegian had finally come true. Everything happens has a purpose. Getting accepted into the Collegian has a lot of doing. Exams, interviews, writing a probationary article, etc. are the things you will and may pass.

I really, really, really, did not know that the day when I was accepted into the Collegian brought big changes in my life. I am happy. I am sad. I am nervous.

* Remembering the day when I got accepted to the Collegian

One Response to “Nervous*”
  1. Grabe! 🙂 Bumalik ka na kasi! HAHAHA

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