Jeepney’s Hidden Intimacy

Jeepney (or just simply, Jeep or Dyip for its Filipino term) is the most popular and the most effective way for many Filipinos to travel. Almost all Filipinos have experienced riding this kind of transportation. I remembered a certain advertisement (Dingdong Dantes was the endorser) where it said that you are not a Filipino if you haven’t ride in a Jeepney. Yeah, that’s correct and for those Filipinos born and grew-up in other countries must experience riding it, once in their lives.

Why Jeepney?

Jeepney is one of the most accessible forms of transportation in the country. It has a cheap fare, ranging from P8.00 to P25.00 depending how nearer or farther you are from the place where you start riding the jeep to your destination. Sometimes, P8.00 is just enough to go to your place because some jeepneys are travelling at 5 kilometers only at different jeepney stations.

It is also one of the most numbered vehicles so don’t be nervous when you feel you can’t reach your destination. However, during rush hours when many people are going to their offices, schools, etc., you cannot immediately ride a jeep. Sometimes, you would let yourself in to queues to wait for the jeep to arrive. That’s the thrill of it.

Jeepney is also a discrimination breaker or in my Panitikan ng Pilipinas 17 class, there is no gap among people. Whether rich or poor people, everyone is riding jeepney. Even those people who have cars, they are riding or they need to ride especially if their plate numbers are in a coded scheme for the specific day.

Colored silver

Most of the vehicles or cars today are made either in Japan or USA. So, the designs are always the same every year. They only modified some parts in the car but it is the same with the old. The only difference is the capacity or the ability of the car. They upgraded it. Cars are also monochrome. The producers use only one color for a car which they only think that is the preference of the prospective buyer. But contradicting to it, even I would buy a car with only one color and it is so dirty looking for a car with many colors.

Jeepneys in the Philippines have only one color, originally, silver. Because Filipinos are so creative, they think of an idea how to make those jeeps not dull. And so, they thought of putting many colors and burloloys. The designs are usually according to the taste of the owner. Also, silver jeppneys bring ray coming from the sun so it could make another people to be hurt in their eyes.

INTIMACY exists !

The jeep we known today is made and designed by a Filipino while the original jeepney, which was used during World War II for military purposes, is made by Willys and Ford of America. Time only helps for the jeepneys in the Philippines to be evolved. And it became a public transportation.

Commonly, public transportations in the USA, for example, like buses and trains are designed where people are going to be seated facing the driver or the front. So, the tendency is to get face other passengers backwards other than your seatmate who you could actually make friends with after a long journey.

But in the case of a jeepney made by a Filipino, when you ride, you will be facing other passengers. The seats are positioned on both sides and it is lengthwise. That is the intimacy of it! You could talk to the person without bothering facing back. And you will face other passengers or all passengers without hiding what you are and who you are when you ride.

A jeepney also signifies being kind, considerate and helpful to other person. The best example of this is when someone is paying a fare and almost all the passengers lengthwise of that passenger paying will reach for the fare. There is also understanding and cooperation because if someone is going to ride and the seat is not enough for that person, all passengers are going to move so that person will be able to seat. This is intimacy, you know.

Finally, jeepneys are forever. It is like love that gives us life and hope. If you, rider, have no intimate love towards a person or thing, try riding a jeepney and you will feel intimacy hidden in a jeepney.

6 Responses to “Jeepney’s Hidden Intimacy”
  1. divmoes says:

    I’d love to ride Jeepney with you. Lol 🙂

  2. Ronnie says:

    I love Jeepneys!

  3. wilson says:


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