My Statement about BNAHS Incident

Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino High School (BNAHS) is one of the 9 high schools in Makati City. It was established on February, 1994 as the annex of Fort Bonifacio High School. But it was later been made as an independent high school.

Trophies, certificates and “unsung” achievements of students prove that Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino High School is an academic institution showing excellence in many fields like science, mathematics, physics, robotics, journalism and even, sports and leadership.

There is no doubt that this school is one of those schools which has many enrolees every year, recorded for more than 6,000 students. Parents believe that their son or daughter will be shaped in academic excellence and discipline if they enrolled in this school.

History shows that BNAHS students are very good. Many of its alumni were recognized by the local and even, national government. Jessica Montes, a high school valedictorian, was one of the 2008 Ten Outstanding Public School Students of the Philippines. Some of its students were also included and awardees of Ten Outstanding Students of Makati. BNAHS also never fails to have UPCAT passers every year.

Cleanliness is also one of the top priorities of BNAHS as it is awarded many times as the Cleanest School in Makati. Benignians, as what the students of BNAHS called themselves, are nature lovers and does not take for granted what other schools do not have like clean waters and decent classrooms.

Benignians are also recognized for as disciplined students in Makati.

But the BNAHS community was surprised and shocked by an incident Thursday morning, July 26, 2012 happened inside the campus. The incident was involved by two 14-year old students. One of them died.

According to the news, those students met in the corridor of the school. They hit each other and started to punch one another. One of the students “head-locked” the other student causing him to be hurt much. Guards responded for a few minutes, took the victim at the school clinic but when a nurse tried to pump the body, a blood came out of the nose. The respondents transferred the victim after 30-40 minutes, as what the student witnessed said in an interview, to the nearby Ospital ng Makati. The suspect was brought into the Makati Social Welfare and Development (MSWD). (For more information about the news, visit

This event is one of the few incident happened inside a school. This incident falls into the category of campus violence and bullying.

I, as the alumnus of Benigno “Ninoy” S. Aquino High School, condemned the campus violence related incident. I do not believe in the news that the two students did not know each other. I am one of the students before and I know that there exists a not-to-be-called fraternity among the students and out-of-school youth. The incident is not new to me. It just became a big news because someone died. There were many incident of bullying in the school before and this is the reason why many of the students became dropouts or do not think for their studies.

This is a big challenge for the school’s administration. They must learn with the incident. They must give the highest security that the students ever need. If this is not given, what will happen to the dream that the students ever wish to be? What will happen to the school’s reputation if this event happens again?

But this is not only the schools responsibility. Parents should be more concern about their sons’ or daughters’ schooling. Discipline always learns first within the family, inside home. Accept it or not, there are parents who do not mind for their children. And when an accident happens to their children, then that is only the time for them to move.

Students should also be more concern. BNAHS is a one, big community. All of its constituents are family. All is expected to help each other and love one another.

I hope this incident or any accident should not be happened again, not just inside BNAHS but also inside any other schools. Students should think of their future. I hope the BNAHS community will move on with this event and start the day looking forward for the future, with security.




Rest in peace, Paul Balili !

2 Responses to “My Statement about BNAHS Incident”
  1. penpen says:

    Kawawa naman ung namatay. We must all stop campus violence!

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