Pregnancy over 40

Pregnancy is one of the best things that a woman would ever wish to experience, or else would ever want to receive from God. Having a child is a great blessing and that is the only time that a woman could ever be called a mother.

But before being called a mother, there are easy and natural ways to get pregnant among women which a woman will never take for granted until young

Knowing your menstrual cycle is one of the ways to get pregnant. Three to four days after the woman’s menstruation, the eggs are healthy again and ready for conception with the sperm.

Eating nutritious foods and having a balance diet can have a good effect to the woman’s body and to the egg cell in the ovary.

And of course, have sex. A woman will never ever gets pregnant if no sperms enter into her uterus and this will only happen with a partner.

But why get pregnant? Why not enjoy life without having a child? It is because there are very, very good reasons to be pregnant.

One of it is that the loyalty and respect between husband and wife is becoming strong. It binds the family. The family of two parties are also get close with each other as they are, too, waiting for their new member. The husband and wife also learn to plan and imagine things before the baby comes out.

Another reason why to get pregnant is the reality of entering a new chapter in life. There are many changes that can happen in the lives of the couple, especially to women. They need to decide on different things. Buying baby’s clothes, seeking for little rattles as baby toy and others are part of the major preparation.

Changes in lifestyle are also part of being pregnant and this is one of the exciting things about it. Women are going to be conscious with their body, the way they dress or the food to eat. But it is not only the wife that gets change, it is also the husband because he must adapt to his wife’s attitude. Husband must also have higher understanding and patience. He made the child, after all.

These things are best to experience if the woman gets pregnant in his 20s or 30s. But how is the dream of a woman to have a child if she fails to have it before her 40 years? Is it not dangerous or is it risky to be pregnant over 40?

But what if a woman wants to have a baby at or over 40 because of some reasons like enjoying the life first and busy with work?  There is a possibility to have baby at 40. But how to get pregnant at 40?

First, stop smoking. Smoking will get the eggs to be deteriorated and can cause infertility which is the major cause of not being pregnant.

Second, maintain the balance diet. Eating the right food would avoid the possibility of having diabetes after delivering.

Third, practice safe sex. If a woman never did this, diseases like pelvic inflammatory disease and STDs will come to her. This would damage the fallopian tube that would cause infertility.

And fourth, know the husband’s sperm quality. Sperms contribute more and ensuring its quality will lead to successful pregnancy.

Pregnancy over 40 is close to impossible. But what if she gets pregnant at 50? Is this possible?

Some studies show that pregnancy at 50 is somewhat possible and impossible. At 50, menopausal cycle is ready to occur. There is a tendency for a woman to be pregnant at 50 through technology. There is a so-called egg donation and vitro fertilization treatment to ensure pregnancy. But using woman’s own eggs at 50 will not be possible. The qualities of the eggs are very poor.

Having said these things, pregnancy is not about the age. It is all about how a woman take cares his body and how a woman is ready to be pregnant. Celebrities like Celine Dion, Madonna and Nicole Kidman had been pregnant over 40. They successfully done the pregnancy cycle and this is not impossible for others. Being a mother means being fulfilled in a way. But if a woman really wants to have a baby, why wait to become 40?

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