The Worst Match Maker of the Best Match

I don’t know what is the feeling if someone has a crush on you. I never experience hearing from a girl that she has a crush on me. Sorry, I forgot. Someone actually said that she had a crush on me. But it was only through a text message. So, I never felt the way a man hear that overwhelming word, personally, face-to-face.

 I am not fully recovered in the event that my girlfriend of 7 months broke me up. It was happened in the time when we were celebrating in our own self our 7th month as girlfriend and boyfriend. We started because of a text message but we also ended up exchanging text messages of goodbye (from her) and text messages of bad surprises (from me).

 Anyway, when I experience the broke up, I promised to focus more on my studies and my extra-curricular activities. I know that I would find another girl that text messages would never be the reason. My friends were advising me and they said some motherly and fatherly words which I will never be forgotten. Life is unfair for some. But I think, everybody is experiencing break ups or no one at all.

 After more than 2 weeks of break up without remembering what happened to me before, I prioritize something that I never imagined giving me a big problem. I matched two of my friends in my organization.

 For me, they are the best couple that I would ever be seen. I want them ended marrying each other in the future. Time will come, as they say, for the things in life.


The Girl

 She is one of the kindest friends. She is jolly and makes joke that would really make you laugh. She smiles, devilish and sometimes, angelish (haha). She is moody. She wants gossips, especially if the topic is about one of her friends. She cooks good food. She comes from a well-to-do family. She is good-looking with her eyeglasses. She is lovable and I know, not a hard girl to love.


The Boy

 He is the best bestfriend. He laughs very intense when someone makes a joke. He is moody. I don’t know if he is the kind of person who is jealous towards another. He is intelligent where you would find yourself listening to his words of knowledge. He is good-looking and only a smile would make you fall in love to him. He is so much lovable. In fact, he sometimes win the heart of whoever girl he wants. He is not hard to love but not easy for him to fall in-love.


They are the two persons who I matched. Their characteristics are complementary so there is no doubt that they would ended up being a couple.

Actually, they are the two persons who are the center of attention in the organization when love is the topic of the conversation. We are teasing them and it is very very good to know that they go with the flow.


(To be continued)


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