The Most Dramatic and Most Overacted Story of Telling, “I have no money”

It has never been easy to live in this world so full of uncertainties. But with God’s grace and the presence and support of my family and friends, nothing is impossible.

I woke up early this morning without nothing (or no one) to think of. I just woke up to go to school feeling that I should not cram. I knew that the time showing in my watch was not enough to come to school not late.

I immediately got my towel and ran to the bathroom. I felt the cold water first touch my dirty face. But I didn’t mind my brain of passing the information through my nerves that I should feel the cold.

I was excited for the day. Thank God for the day that I woke up with my breath still passing smoothly through my respiratory system. Another adventure for this day awaited me. I was sure of that. Each day, God is giving us the energy to face everyday challenges and gives us the opportunity to experience it, with thrill.

After I took a bath, I just really realized that there was something that I should think of today – What to wear. But any shirt and pants will do. As long as you are good to bring it and show it with confidence, your old looking dress will never be the ultimate measure.

I wore my favorite pants which I wear every other day. I open the closet and saw a UP shirt. And these two clothes was enough to come to school – clean, comfortable and proud!

After I fixed myself in front of the mirror, I went downstairs to meet my mother. I asked for my allowance for the day. But this gave me another thing to think of. This made me sad and cry, nearly.

My mother said that she has no money. And I just realized that she did not go to her work because she has also no money for the fare. She said the she was still looking for someone to lend her money. She went out. I was so disappointed with myself. I was fresh for a time and the surprise made me feel so uncomfortable. This is the life that I did not want to live in. I must asked her first for my allowance before taking a bath. But well, this already happened. I have nothing to do with it.

I waited for my mother for an hour. So, I didn’t expect to come to school not late or I did expect that will not attend my first class. She then arrived. But she failed. She didn’t make it to borrowed from her friends or from our neighbors…

Good thing I made it to come to school. But I will not already tell the story on how I got a money for a fare. God is so good and I made the effort to produce a good result.

[Already finished but still to be continued for some reason]


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