The CPA becomes a Law: Highlights

Recently, people of the Philippines were surprised by the news that a new act was passed into a law. Unfortunately, it was not the Freedom of Information Bill or the very controversial Reproductive Health Bill that was passed. It was the act that many called “E-Martial Law”.

But why E?

We used e as a short or signifying “electronics”. In relation to the new law, the provisions of it were basically focused more in the electronics, in the computer, in the cyberworld.

But why Martial Law?

Martial Law was the most crucial law ever passed in the history of the Philippines. Because of its intensity and the impact, we are now referring Martial Law as a time, not as a law. During the Martial Law (now I’m using it as a time reference), the freedom of the Filipinos were held. Media as a form of freedom of speech and expression was suppressed and the rights of the people were not given to them.

So, combining the two, “E-Martial Law” is an “electronic and digitalized form” of suppressing the rights of the people and holding the freedom in speech, in information and in expression. We can jump into a conclusion that history really repeats itself, in the new context, time and people. We can also conclude that because of the new time where technology is dominant, suppression goes electronic! This “E-Martial Law” is popularly known as the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

We now look into some highlights of the law. The passages were selected according to the intensity that the law will be given to the people as it will be implemented right after I post this or while I’m making this.

  1. Chapter 1, Section 2 RA 10175: The State recognizes the vital role of information and communications industries such as content production, telecommunications, broadcasting electronic commerce, and data processing, in the nation’s overall social and economic development.

  1. Chapter 1, Section 2 RA 10175: The State also recognizes the importance of providing an environment conducive to the development, acceleration, and rational application and exploitation of information and communications technology (ICT) to attain free, easy, and intelligible access to exchange and/or delivery of information; and the need to protect and safeguard the integrity of computer, computer and communications systems, networks, and databases, and the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information and data stored therein, from all forms of misuse, abuse, and illegal access by making punishable under the law such conduct or conducts.

  1. Chapter 2, Section 4 RA 10175: (1) Illegal Access. – The access to the whole or any part of a computer system without right.

  1. Chapter 2, Section 4 RA 10175: (3) Data Interference. — The intentional or reckless alteration, damaging, deletion or deterioration of computer data, electronic document, or electronic data message, without right, including the introduction or transmission of viruses.

** Since the law is now implemented effective today, I blocked the paragraphs of my opinion in each highlights. But I’m willing to show it if someone wants it to see.

**This is not yet finished. There are still many provisions in the law that must be highlighted.

**I really want to go to sleep. Sleep makes me HAPPY. And don’t dare the government to hold that happiness. 

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