Eufemio’s Collection of “Dear” Posts

This is just a very random post.

Lately, Eufemio Agbayani has been posting “Dear…” posts on Facebook. Those were the posts or messages for someone or somebody who say or posted online or somewhere that he thought were not right or against his will or against the norms. (Just ignore the “or”)

I was surprised to see in his posts the conviction to say things. I am proud that he is one of the many people in UP that I met which I became his grandson when speaking of genealogy of buddies in the organization.

If you see his posts, you would say that he is not in the position to say things. But you can be wrong. Eufemio is the current Director of Publications committee of UP LIKAS (UP Lipunang Pangkasaysayan). He also holds the position of being the head of Education and Research Committee of UP KAPPP (UP Kalipunan para sa Agham Panlipunan at Pilosopiyang Pilipino). And if you say that he must not posted something like those, you are just suppressing his freedom for speech and expression.

So, posted here are his messages. There are also links to the posts for you to know the context and for you not to say that Eufemio was not crazy at the time when he posted those. However, some haven’t links so just asks him for the context.

Date Posted: October 02, 2012 near Quezon City

Dear President Aquino,

A free and blessed day to you.

I humbly write to you as a private citizen to advice you about a very pressing issue.
Perhaps, there is one thing that Filipinos would suddenly rise up to arms and start participating in politics; that would be anything that affects their use of the Internet. Unfortunately, this sudden public participation may not do your administration any good, since they practically hate the libel provisions, among others, in the Cybercrime Prevention Law. While I do not doubt the “spirit of the law” to prevent other cybercrimes, provisions that could limit the right to privacy and freedom of expression made the law very objectionable. I will not detail these in this letter since you can search about it anyway, thanks to the power of the Internet.

The massive public disapproval to parts of Republic Act No. 10175 could prove to be politically disastrous for you especially this election season. Many of the reelectionist senators and congressmen who voted for its passage are part of the LP-Akbayan-NPC-NP-LDP coalition you and your allies have formed, and this could affect their political ambitions, nay, plans. This, and perhaps your concern for the Filipino people should strongly encourage you to do damage control. Senators Chiz Escudero and Pia Cayetano have immediately responded that it was plainly oversight; an oversight which I can say could be the largest honest mistake in Philippine legislative history. The public may have a hard time believing that, but there is a way to rectify this legal and political mistake: passing rectifying bills, and fast. Oh, and while at it, you can pass all the blame to the single most hated senator now, probably: ████ ████.

The people can still remember how fast the House of Representatives was able to have the impeachment complaint against former Chief Justice Renato Corona signed and passed to the Senate. Perhaps, you could still exert that much influence to pass the rectifying bills proposed by Rep. Raymond Palatino in the Lower House and Sen. Escudero in the Senate. After all, your support to Palatino’s bill could be a plus, showing that you are willing to work with the radical Left if very, very necessary.

Once the rectifying bills are passed, Filipinos would forget about it and move on. Most will no longer hate your administration that much. But you must be warned to be careful about signing bills. Your role is not merely ministerial; you are responsible for the things you sign. Delegate the task of reading and checking bills before it is signed to your staff, which shall get opinions from everybody. Take time to go through the bills yourself. While I do not believe the public perception that you are only playing video games on your free time, I also do not believe that you are that busy that you cannot check the stuff you do. Remember that you are the president, and we expect you to call the shots, and not just become a figurehead. I also ask you to have your allies in Congress focus on the more relevant bills, such as the Freedom of Information bill, the Reproductive Health bill, the Sin Tax Bill and the Students’ Rights and Welfare Bill.
May you take this advice seriously and read it as a constructive criticism to your governance. God bless the Filipino government and God bless the Filipino even more.
Respectfully yours,

Eufemio Agbayani III

P.S. Please do not arrest me for this.

P.S.2 Am not against the whole law, just the provisions against the right to privacy and the freedom of speech. To be fair, the rest are against issues such as child pornography, things we really need to fight.


Context: Cybercrime Prevention Law.

Date Posted: October 02, 2012 near Quezon City

Dear haters,

I write to you as a fellow person who objects parts of the Cybercrime Prevention Law.

I hope we are fighting not to junk the whole law but only the part that restricts our right to privacy and freedom of expression, while supporting provisions against child pornography, among others.

Oh, and I trust that we have had read the actual bill. Otherwise, we are no different to those we criticize so passionately because they didn’t check that there was such evil provisions.

Thank you and God save the Philippines.

Date Posted: October 02, 2012 near Quezon City

Dear Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno,

A free and blessed day to you.

I know God put you there at Padre Faura.

I’m will try to contact Him, but I am sure that He is not thrilled with people spewing expletives, spreading hate because of the libel provisions of the Cybercrime Prevention Law. And they would only stop if the court would issue a Temporary Restraining Order against that provision, if possible. I know your heart is for the justice of the people, so please find time to do so.

Thank you and God bless the Supreme Court of the Philippines.


Date Posted: October 03, 2012 near Quezon City

Dear DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima,

A free and blessed day to you!

R.A. 10175’s section 19 gives awesome powers to you.

Busy po kayo, no? Like, no time for online libel stuff?

Thank you and God bless the Department of Justice.


Date Posted: October 04, 2012 near Quezon City

Dear GMA Supporters,

Nagsampa ng kaso. Inimbestigahan ng Sandiganbayan. Nagrelease ng arrest warrant. Di pa ba yun due process?


Date Posted: October 06, 2012 near Quezon City

Dear Manny Pacquiao,

Since you’re fighting Marquez yet again, can you please choose Lea Salonga to sing the National Anthem? Thank you and God bless.


Date Posted: October 08, 2012 near Quezon City

Dear Varsitarian,

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. (John 8:32)

And by truth, not just Biblical truth (which we shall not discuss here because that would take about 500 years worth of debate and it’s something th

at both sides have agreed to disagree) but also the scientific facts. Sure, no one has a monopoly to the truth, but you risk alienating and even discouraging your fellow Roman Catholic brother and sisters in how you said your arguments in this editorial.

And unfortunately, this statement: “But alas, it seems intellectual honesty and moral conviction are in such short supply in Katipunan, Quezon City and Taft Avenue, Manila.” read to me more like “awww, we lost to Ateneo on Game 1.” I hope that’s a big misinterpretation.


Dear Ateneo and La Salle profs who are pro-RH bill,

If the Roman Catholic hierarchy is alienating you because of your stance, the rest of Christendom is always open for you. Some offer alternate forms of worship, some (oh wait, I think almost all) offer Bible studies so you yourself can see what’s in the Scriptures, and some even give free snacks!

Discover God yourself. He’s waiting for you. 😀

P.S. And by that I don’t mean you can’t at all meet God in the Roman Catholic Church. It’s just that too much restricting might not at all be working.



These are the collection of Eufemio’s dear posts. I do believe that there will be additions to these for the coming days as the government is continuously doing something that the people believe is against them or that the society is still not changing.

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