Tiktik, the Aswang Chronicles: the stories of ‘Mighty’, Matador Brandy, Boy Bawang and Lipps: a Review

It was not Enteng Kabisote or Panday or any movie you have seen which has the effects that you’ve never seen before. It was not a typical horror or supernatural movie but it encompassed the reality and imagination with a twist. Yes, with a twist, of course in the story, but especially in the effects. So, what’s the “Mighty”, Matador, Boy Bawang and Lipps doing here in the review? You have to read this.

The ‘Mighty’ Marlboro

One of the significant things in the movie was how Macoy (Dingdong Dantes) did his role. His attitude of being a “playboy”, bad boy and a protagonist villain gave the story a unique sense of plot. The fact that the movie was a horror movie, the mighty and strong appeal is needed for the scenes. Some horror movies we’ve watched have the protagonist that is weak, dependent and just later on, they will became strong.. This was not happened in the movie. At the beginning, the character of Macoy would bring you to the a world that the movie will be strong enough to give you the sensation that a cigarette would give you.

In deeper analysis, what is the meaning of cigarette butt and the Marlboro left in the street? Well, it symbolizes the character of Macoy. He threw away his pride just to see and talk to Sonia (Lovi Poe). The Mighty also let the plot to introduce to another character, Pacing (Rina Reyes), the neighbor of Sonia’s family. The attitude of Pacing also jived with the horror movie and the role of Pacing was very important. The words she said to Macoy let him to do something. Parang kinonsensya ni Pacing si Macoy. The flowers and the money spent by Macoy to buy the pig to make a lechon for Sonia’s birthday party can be the proofs.

Matador Brandy

After the prologue, there was this part in the movie that you will watch and see the names and the production team. It was quite long at around 3-5 minutes and you would get bored. I just hope that they flashed the names during the scenes. But what was good about the flashing of names was the effects it created and it was somewhat has a story in it. The colors are red just like the Matador Brandy.

What is the role of the Matador Brandy, then? Well, it just gave way for Macoy to be closed with Nestor (Joey Marquez), the father of Sonia. Because of the brandy, they just sang and sang, especially Macoy, without thinking the reaction of the family. The Matador Brandy symbolized the strong personality of Macoy and his habit in the city. Another was how Nestor treated Macoy which was not different from the treatment he gave to his family. Nestor accepted Macoy.

Just like the Matador Brandy, the movie gave the audiences the impact and the kick leaving a trace of hang-over. The movie created the kind of scenes that would never forgotten by the audiences. Such scenes were Macoy killed the aswang with the big fork and when he pulled it back, the intestines of the aswang left in the fork just like the isaw in the streets. Another unforgettable scene was how Fely (Janice de Belen) tried to let go of Macoy from their house and that was the comedy part of this horror movie started. Until the death of Fely, she did not want Macoy for her daughter. Also, another scene was when Fely was dying in the teeth (yes, teeth!) of the aswang and how Nestor was pulling her. The audiences were like shouting, “Barilin mo na! Barilin mo na!”. The audiences’ impact was one of the biggest contributions to the movie to make it horrorific and excited. Yes, it was like audiences passed the drinking friends and they took a shot. And it was very exciting if you are going to watch the movie with many people. There were many unforgettable scenes or else the whole movie was it.

Boy Bawang

Small but terrible is a no no, for some, anymore. This movie is probably the biggest movie of the year. It was not like the Boy Bawang cornick which is little but it was like the taste of the cornick which you would really like to eat for many times. Just like how Boy Bawang sells in the market, the movie generated money for more or less 10 million in the first day. Many people tasted its crunchiness and experienced the mind blowing scenes. Two years in the making has never been easier and probably, the production team has received the worth of tiring days with the amount and good reviews.

The role of the Boy Bawang was very helpful. Its power was scene on how Abel (Jan Harley Licana), a kid who helped Macoy and Mang Nestor, used it to defeat the aswangs and it actually killed them. This must be unforgettable. The audiences were like, “Ah, gano’n pala ‘yun”, realizing where the Boy Bawang was used for.

Laughter was more dominant than screaming and shouting inside the cinema in some of the scenes in the movie. It was enough for someone to throw Boy Bawang in the mouth of someone laughing. The director and the scriptwriter would attest to the horror-comedy theme of the movie.

You’ll probably never get your eyes off the screen. And you’ll never mind eating your food when you watch. Because if you do those things, you’ll surely ask your seatmate, “What’s happening?” and you can’t relate.


The love of Macoy and the pregnancy of Sonia would be the main reason why the aswangs got out of their bases. The love for Sonia was the weakness of Macoy and he did everything just to talk with Sonia. The story of sweetness can be compared to Lipps candy which added up colors to the movie.

In this review, I set aside my reaction with the effects. No words could describe it aside from, “it’s very Hollywood (-ical).” There was a Wow factor and the people around the seats were saying, “Ang galing ng effects” or “Walang tatalo sa effects” or “Pa’no kaya ginawa ‘yan?” and other positive feedbacks.

The “Lipps” scene started the war. It was when Bart (Ramon Bautista) pulled Lipps candies in his pocket and Macoy, Nestor and him ate it simultaneously with diction (haha) and very fierce. The Lipps gave another thing for people to laugh. At the beginning of the story, you will see Bart having a red lips. This was why Macoy suspected Bart that he was an aswang. The two of them were really not in good ways but they were in one when fighting for the aswang even Bart was one of their relatives. So the audiences realized that Lipps was the reason for the red lips of Bart. And another laughter exploded.

The existence of Tiktik is very true and up until now, people from different parts of the country still believe to it but it has various meanings. However, the movie was very fictional. Because the movie was that, it conquered all like how Sonia used the gun to kill the aswang even if she was pregnant and other so fictional.

While the laughter was merely the most reactions in the cinema, the horror never failed to show up. This was especially where Kulot (RJ Salvador) entered the house in the shape of a pig and entered Sonia’s room and took out his tongue, ready to eat the fetus inside.

While this review has positive comments, there was also negative that I saw in the movie. There were dull moments especially when some conversations began (or I am just waiting for the actions). There were also “slow” moments. Example was when the aswangs were already at the roof or at the second floor and the three guys (Macoy, Nestor and Bart) were still talking and fighting without thinking the situations upstairs. And while the effects were very good, I just didn’t satisfy with the way the aswang transformed into dogs look.

No ending

When the movie ended, I just wished that I have some more money to buy another ticket and watch it again. Since it is a chronicle, I am waiting for part 2.

Tiktik, the Aswang Chronicles is something the Filipinos should be proud of. From the fact that it generated millions of pesos, Filipinos are still loving the Filipino-made movies and it is very good. I just really hope that what The Avengers or The Amazing Spiderman got when it premiered in the Philippines, would also what the Tiktik deserves to get.

The movie was produced and distributed by Reality Entertainment, Agosto Dos Pictures, Post Manila and GMA Films and it was starred by very good actors and actresses. It was directed by Erik Matti. The movie would cost you 180-200 pesos depending on the cinema but it is worth the price.

Watch it now and you would also give it 4 stars out of 5.

Since it is a phenomenal movie, Tiktik, the Aswang Chronicles has a site! Visit it at: http://www.theaswangchronicles.com/ 

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