Second time in the UP Lantern Parade

It is my second year in UP this year. One of the most much-awaited events in the university, or I can probably say, the most much-awaited event is the UP Lantern Parade. In this event, students, faculties and the rest of the UP community are helping and cooperating with each other to come up with the best lantern to be paraded in the 2.2 km. Academic Oval.

In Lantern Parade, every colleges are doing their best just to make a lantern because it is not just an excellence, it is an honor. Yes, it is honor to show and express what each colleges want to show to the people in the university with the aid of the lantern.

“Dangal at Kahuyasan sa Paglilingkod sa Bayan” is this year’s theme for the UP Lantern Parade. It is just simply mean Honor and Excellence to Serve the Nation as what the Oblation, the naked man facing upward with outstretched hand, symbolizing service and sacrifice.

I was with my orgmates when the parade started. Our tambayan is located at the Tambayan ruins in the vicinity of Palma Hall where you could actually witnessed all lanterns. The entrance of the University officials marked the beginning of the 4-5 hour long parade, simultaneously with the entrance of UP ROTC Symphonic Band, playing their rendition of Oppa Gangnam Style.

I did not know what is exactly the feeling of witnessing the lantern parade again. I am just overwhelmed with what I saw after the entrance of the university officials. Next colleges were the UP College of Human Kinetics composing of the UP Pep Squad wearing dark green sandos for men and red sandos for women which practically symbolizes the color of the university, with them were the UP Pep Squad bringing their big drums. The UP Pep Squad then performs at the front of Palma Hall where many students are staying. Loud shouts and cheers dominated the crowd when they performed.

As time passes by, many colleges, schools and institutes were paraded with their lanterns. The Asian Institute of Tourism were all in their pink dresses with their lantern showing “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” advocacy. There was the School of Urban and Regional Planning showing their lantern with dirty thing in the car. We were joking with friends saying that the SURP’s lantern showed how much dirty the drainage we have and that would also be reflected in our poor urban development planning. There was also the UP School of Economics where in a car was a bull just like signifying how strong the Philippine economy would be for the next years.

The UP College of Architecture also passed by where students paraded wearing buildings and architectural designs. What was noticeable was the college’s giant robot made of something like aluminum or iron sheet. It was a very fantastic design and I can’t even how they did it but no doubt about their excellence. Next was the UP College of Engineering where the students were wearing with another sponsored orange shirt from Meralco. I quite experience a little boredom watching them because the students only walked there with no small lantern they could bring but the entrance of the jeepney lantern removed my boredom and really amazed with it. I followed their lantern through the AS Steps and amazed again when the jeepney transformed into a robot/transformer.

Because there were many institutions paraded, let’s fast-forward and discussed only the colleges having lanterns so eye-catching. There was the UP College of Arts and Letters paraded with their four giant mascot depicting the four major arts. There was also the UP College of Mass Communication bringing them the robot-like lantern with the concept of Citizen Journalism and Freedom of Information where they actually had the banner to ‘junk the cyber-crime law”. The robot has a monitor and a video camera where the events in the street could be viewed in real time. Because it was my college and a major subject required us to attend the event, I went down to the tambayan and gone with the rest of mass comm students. This was why I did not saw much of the lanterns of UP College of Science, only saw the giant lantern of Institute of Mathematics. I did not event saw the first line for the UP College of Social Sciences and Philosophy but I do saw the lantern of CSSP Student’s Council like a church mural (or I just don’t know what was that called).

Aside from the colleges and other academic institutions, there were also student organizations showed off their lanterns. There was the UP Students of Destiny (UP SOD) with their disco-like theme and the oblation made of mirror adding color. Another was the Adhoc by UP Junior Marketing Association (UP JMA) where they again paraded the big white letters of A-D-H-O-C in truck. There was the UP Concert Chorus (UP CC) where the members were holding pieces of big rubrics. They sang in front of the AS Steps crowd and loud cheers and claps followed after. Another organization was the UP Delta Lambda Sorority (well, they are not just an organization) following with their bright Automotive Digital Advertising. But the organization that made the crowd to stand and to shout louder and amazed was the UP Babaylan, probably, the biggest and the oldest LGBT organization in UP. The LGBT people wore their Egyptian and Roman (?) inspired costumes because of the gold color. There were others who wore with complicated wings. One word to describe them – beautiful. The UP Babaylan fight for discrimination and advocating for gender equality and diversity.

In the parade, there were the people straight from Casiguran, Aurora fighting against APECO (Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Free port Authority) which will be a big project that would cause for demolition and land crisis. There were also students from urban poor sectors with them were the Anakbayan. There was also the UP Campus Crusade for Christ for spreading the Word of God, one with the help of Bible studying.

It was not only the UP Diliman community showed off their lanterns. The UP Open University, with their oblation-like mascot showing a computer monitor head for their anti-cyber crime theme; the UP Pampanga, with their hot-air balloon inspired lantern and the UP Manila, with their very colorful lantern.

Last but not surely the very least in the parade was the UP College of Fine Arts. I think there are no words to describe the works of the students. Their lanterns were so ajksdksafdddsvkjdkfhhdfkdskf – this ! But three things for sure – the students are so creative, resourceful and rich!

The UP Lantern Parade was such a very memorable event and experience. The UP community was acted again as one. The lantern parade also the time when students, faculties and employees are cherishing every moment in one night watching the lantern. I just hope people will only not appreciate one’s art work during lantern parade or any other event exhibiting those arts. Simple visitation in the museums or write about arts on social media will be a great help. Art is very important. It is important to the extent that we expressed our advocacy such as Freedom of Information, RH Bill, Human Rights through art.

Here are my photos in the UP Lantern Parade. They are only just few because I did not mind taking pictures. I just watched them and did not keep my eyes off the lanterns.

3 Responses to “Second time in the UP Lantern Parade”
  1. karoger says:

    Thanks for writing about the participation of the Casiguran marchers in the Lantern Parade. If you want to know more about the anti-APECO struggle and the people behind it. Let me know. I hope you can write something about them too! 🙂

  2. veejay says:

    “Karoger”, thank you very much for that even though, only one sentence was written about the Casiguran, Aurora people. It would be great if I write something about them and their fight against the APECO.

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