Oro, Plata, Mata: a Gold, Silver Death Review

(Reviews have spoilers. If you don’t want it, watch ORO PLATA MATA for FREE on Youtube. Thanks to gobitz69)

If Oro Plata Mata was a book, it could be one of the best-sellers. And if Oro Plata Mata was made on these days, it will surely be a box office hit. Filipinos would surely appreciate the movie itself, our own history and feel proud to our own true-blooded Filipino producers and directors.

When I was watching the movie, I saw myself thinking the way that the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo of Dr. Jose Rizal gave me the impact and the desire to read. Because apparently, some characters and scenes of the movie can actually be found on the virtuous book of our national hero in some instances which would you know if you watch it yourself.

 The setting of the movie will tell you that the director wanted to achieve a pre-war to war set. This would give you an idea that the movie was suspense and a dramatic one. Although there was no time period told in the movie aside from the quote by Nick Joaquin, you could guest that the setting was a war time. There was no other time in Philippine history that the capital city was devastated.

 The script or the dialogue and the screenplay would also tell you the above words in connection with the time frame. The word, “guerrilla” became famous during the Japanese era and all of a sudden, people were leaving for mountains to show their hatred towards another occupation. The word is not mentioned these days. As for the dialogue, the words were delivered clearly and of course, connected with the tone of the scene. The characters were also consistent on their attitude. Don Claudio, the old, leader-like man, was very calm and really stood still in his decision until the end of the movie. Doña Viring, that noisy, know-it-all like woman, was consistent in her attitude of being rude and political. The other characters were also consistent too, except for Miguel who seemed to be enlightened because of the influence of guerrillas. Miguel chose not to follow his mother who was the cause of Miguel being a spoiled brat and later on becoming a “rebellion”.

 We all know that making a film is very expensive and really has to do with money. The production design was quite not good. The perfect example is the mansion of Ojeda family. The Ojeda family was living in Manila but noticeably they didn’t have any expensive things on their house. Only the mansion had it all. On the other hand, the costumes of the characters fitted them all. If the character is rich or well-known, he/she was dress in Americana and those who were gardener, helper or maid, they dress in a way that those people dressed.

If the movie had 5 to 10 points for production design, it would receive a perfect 10 for cinematography. The movie has one of the best cinematography I’ve ever seen. It encompassed all of the possible shots, from close-up shot to medium to long and to extreme long shot. Added to these things were the proper use of lighting and backdrops. One of the best examples of this is where the Ojeda family immediately went out of their mansion and their silhouette on the fire became one of those very scenes. Actually, there were many very good scenes in the movie falling under the bests of its cinematography. The placing of the cameras and how it shot the characters to see what they were doing are but another example. Another one will be the scene where Viring was telling a suspense story to the Ojeda Family about the news she heard and the camera shot Margarita to Nena and to the rest of the people, showing their expressions one by one. This would actually mean that the director wanted to show all reactions.


The underscoring of music in the movie was also good. The music matched the tone of the scenes. Some of the music simultaneously played while with conversations. This added to the feeling that the audience may get from watching. And of course, the music matched the setting of the movie.

The story of the movie could affect the actors’ performances. A story which has good plot would make the actors to perform their best and this was what happened in the movie. The characters were all very good and they executed what I was expecting. The plot matched the title of the film, as what I have read in many online sources. The characters were in gold in Manila where they were experiencing peaceful life, in silver where their life became so bad, and death, where many characters suffered the most challenging parts.

Oro Plata Mata showed many symbolisms that greatly described the society where the characters evolved. One of the symbolisms or hidden messages showed in the film was the Majhong. It was very cultural that people or the characters were still playing it despite the fact that there was a war. Yes, it did hide the sadness felt. Another was when the counting before the entrance of Margarita during her birthday was done in both English and Spanish. This would mean that Filipinos were still embracing the Spanish and English languages at those times.

Generally, the film is gender-sensitive. Meaning, all the characters, men and women, young and old, had the opportunity to speak and they were all seen in the camera. The film was very realistic, too. It also encompassed all forms of movie such as action, drama, comedy and the like.

Oro Plata Mata is really a very good film. It may enlighten the people of today to the things happened in the past especially at war. It doesn’t matter the Gold or Silver award the film had received, it does matter how it affects people bringing them to the ultimate Death of ignorance on everything, even sex.

3 Responses to “Oro, Plata, Mata: a Gold, Silver Death Review”
  1. Megumi Miura says:

    i need oro plata mata script please 🙂

    • veejay says:

      Ma’am, sorry but I don’t have the script. I think it is not published publicly/online. If you want, try contacting the director or the scriptwriter.

      Thank you.

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