One year of posting the products of my creative mind

This blog is already one year old


Before wordpress-ing, I am blogging at Blogger. I made my first Blogger account on circa 2008. I do not have any knowledge about websites at that time (maybe until today) so what I have only done on Blogger was designing it. I do have a lot of love to History and Geography that was why my first Blogger background was a map of the ancient world. Because of business in studies, I was not able to post and update on Blogger. Because of some demands and to follow the flow of today’s world, I made a Tumblog on Tumblr. My first followers there were my friends and they help me a lot. Unlike what I had done on Blogger, I am so active in posting at Tumblr and but later on choked by laziness. Until I met

I learned because of their 2011 theme style. It was a style used by the College of Mass Communication in UP Diliman as a theme on their site. I saw some of websites that used that theme. I also visited sites that were very eye-catching and good to be read because of the themes. I am desperate to have a blog at that time, that was December 2011. My excuse of not doing a blog was again my studies.

I came up with YESTORANDOM as my URL because of Tumblr. What I said about the heading on my Tumblr was that I only post random things because I did not have any specific type of things or field to be blogged. And when I created, I had that advocacy of “yes to random”. I am a random person and my friends would attest to that.

Because my name is not in the URL, there was a time where I planned to change it. Unfortunately, the does not allow it so I am stock with the URL but accepted that sad fact as the days pass by. What I did was I wrote the blog name as my name. “Veejay Did His Passion” was my first blog name until the “No Jaywalking” campaign here in the Philippines was on the floor that was why I came up with “Veejay Walking” as to relate to the quotes by Jack Dann I found.

No About

When you visited my blog, there is no a page for, “About” today. I removed it. I just want people to know me not objectively. I want people to know me what and how I write. If you visit this blog regularly or periodically, you shall know many things about me. Because, for me, my writing is myself.


No word or words can replace simple, “Thank you” to you all. It has been a year since I made this blog – my very thanks also to for creating this kind of experience. I am hoping for more support for another year and years to come. (This ends the dramatic period of this post.)

This blog is already one year old. And as I “celebrate” its first year, I will be writing here the top posts which my beloved readers, visitors and followers mostly read.

Here are the top three posts for the whole year (click the link to read it):

  1. Rebyu sa Pelikula #1: “Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon”
  2. Ang #QUIZtion ni @HecklerForever bilang isang Kulturang Popular
  3. Tiktik the Aswang Chronicles: the Stories of “Mighty”, Matador Brandy, Boy Bawang and Lipps: a Review

Here are the top 12 posts for the year:

  1. Mula Facebook hanggang Baler
  2. Second Time in the UP Lantern Parade
  3. El Presidente: a movie which depicts history, educates people and {[distorts fact (/truth) (?)]}
  4. My Statement about BNAHS Incident
  5. Shipping
  6. Si Eba Aurora: Ang Batang Taon ang Binibilang Bago Maligo
  8. Mga Karaniwang New Year’s Resolution
  9. Mga Myths tungkol sa Pre-enlistment
  10. Publishers exhibited to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair
  11. Jeepney’s Hidden Intimacy
  12. Let the (frat) War Begins

Here are the Six Honorable Mention posts for the year:

  1. Ang Tunay na Kapatid
  2. The Philippine Media Award-Giving Bodies
  3. The CPA becomes a Law: Highlights
  4. Six Degrees of Separation from Lilia Cuntapay: Isang mala-suporting na Rebyu
  5. Eufemio’s Collection of “Dear” Posts
  6. Oro, Plata, Mata: a Gold, Silver Death Review

With other years to come, expect a more creative and worth-to-be read posts in and maybe, time will come that it is going to be or . Thank you.

I am celebrating this day when I made this blog not when I first posted something because that happened on May 19, 2012



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