“You know – one loves the sunset when one is so sad” – The Little Prince, Antoine De Saint Exupery

It seems that no one ever notice the coolest sunset scene ever by the bay. The busy street of Roxas Boulevard, the joggers on their lane and the vendors who are patiently waiting for buyers, all of them seem to be happy.

I should not forget that there is no reason to become not happy. We could not measure happiness. It is not all about living in one of the high rise buildings and condominiums along one side of the Roxas Boulevard, it is not all about having a big and strong muscles gain from jogging and it is not all about the income the vendors must get for the day. It is all about the life itself.

I should not forget that there are some reasons to be sad. Being alone walking by the bay, that is so sad. And when I am walking by the bay, I enjoyed looking at the sunset. That’s when I felt so really sad. We could not also measure sadness. Then, if we cannot measure something, does this mean it does not exist? I don’t know. Universe is not measurable, after all.

(Photo taken from Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines) 


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