EDSA @ 27 : More than Two Decades of Inspiring the World

I am still like a dream of a husband and wife when one of the greatest movements ever done in the Philippines happened. It was the time when Filipinos sought for freedom and democracy in all faces, in all aspects.

The desire of many Filipinos to speak and do whatever they want lead to the mass movement to ouster a president-turned dictator who, recorded in the history of the Philippines, governed the country the longest years.

With 20 long years, Filipinos suffered a lot especially at  the time when Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator,  proclaimed Martial Law which was enabled by Proclamation 1081. Everyone was afraid. Others fought for it but went underground. Others remained silent, as it was considered the best thing to do to say , “No.”

With 20 long years, Filipinos realized that they must all fight for their rights because theirs had been violated so violently.

The ending of dictatorship lead to the election of one of the “greatest” presidents of the country ever had. Filipinos’ lives had changed completely and they were all given hope. Cory Aquino, a simple housewife, became the president who, as far as his supporters and other Filipinos were concern, called her the “Mother of Democracy [in the Philippines]” However, it should be noted that it was the Filipino people who fought for democracy and not her. We, Filipinos, are the “Democracy”, ourselves.

But how are we as a Democratic country now?

After 27 long years, the unity of the Filipinos can still be seen. But there exist a great problem and no one could ever cover that the harmony among Filipinos are turning to be in no rhyme.

Although EDSA Revolution or must be called, People Power Revolution created a best result, there shall be no another EDSA Revolution as much as no another Martial Law.

The oneness of the Filipinos and their peaceful movement are being replicated and being done by some of the countries just to fight their dictatorial government. The Arab Spring, for example.


(This is originally posted on my tumblr account, http://bluecrasher.tumblr.com/post/16689105248/not-so-latest-than-later. The original post is all about the 25th year of EDSA. However, there are changes made) 


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