Of being a Filipino, Of being a Young Nacionalistas

“Let us build our group…so that we could make a change”

This is how Martin Loon, the national president of the re-establishing Young Nacionalistas, encouraged the youth and guests as part of his speech in its recently concluded official launching. Young Nacionalistas is the one and official youth arm of one or probably, the greatest political party the Philippines ever had named, Nacionalista Party.

Young Nacionalistas traced back its history when the then-student Alan Peter Cayetano, together with some other law students, established it at the height of People Power Revolution in 1986. And now, this 2013, Young Nacionalistas is back with the strongest, the smartest and best youth leaders in the seat.

At the Laurel Mansion

Laurel Mansion is a very important part of the Nacionalista Party’s long history. It became the headquarters for a time of the party and was the “silent witness” of many important events, like meetings, general assemblies and visitations of key people. Some years ago, the Villars bought it, then renovated the old mansion.

This is where the official launching of the Young Nacionalistas was held. Bringing into the high spirit that one belongs now into the youth arm, the arrival of Nacionalista Party’s top brass (quoting Mr. Roy Devesa’s) including Senators Sonny Trillanes, Alan Peter Cayetano, Manny Villar, the president and ex-Colonel Ariel Querubin, added to that spirit. It was indeed a good camaraderie and honor being shaken hands with these people. The senators really did “table hopping” just to say “hello” and “welcome” to the tables where  majority were being occupied by the youth.

The Inspirational Speech

Sen. Manny Villar is the president of the Nacionalista Party. In his inspirational speech, he encouraged the youth and guests to be part of the advocacy to achieve economic freedom, which he said was lacking when speaking of political freedom. He really wanted poverty to be trashed where it deserves to be into.

“Pag tumingin ka sa kapaligiran, pahirap tayo ng pahirap. Pag tinignan mo 50 years ago, mahirap tayo. 100 yrs ago mahirap tayo, ngayon mahirap pa rin tayo. Lalong humihirap [tayo]. [We] have a huge unemployment problems. [We] have a huge underemployment problems. [Kaya] di natin masasabing there is justice in our country.”

[So] the Nacionalista Party, being the oldest political party in the country, still in its advocacy of “Ang Bayan Higit sa Lahat”. The Nacionalista Party in serving the country and the people to the full extent. In fact, majority of the presidents of the Philippines, are from the Nacionalista Party. There is no doubt that people from this party are good leaders and serve the people well. Sen. Manny Villar then said, “Pinakamaraming presidente ng Pilipinas. [We] have produced the most number of presidents. Noong mga Nacionalistas ang presidente, okay pa ung bansa natin eh, ung medyo hind na mula sa ating partido, nagsimula na mag-deteriorate. Theory ko lang naman yun.”

We all know that Sen. Villar did not make it to be the president of the Philippines. But  “[I] have not lost my aspirations for our country, whether in my private capacity, or any other capacity or kung ano man yan. My aspiration is not dying.”

Finally, he welcomed the youth and the inductees. “[So] my dear Young Nacionalistas, welcome to the party and kung hindi nyo alam, you are joining a very dynamic party, very close, very solid, very tenacious, very persistent, very idealistic. [So], welcome to the Nacionalista party”

The official launching did not end there because group of bands came into the venue and rocked the Laurel Mansion full of loud musics.

The Dramatic Part

For the next years to come, Young Nacionalistas will be in the forefront of pushing advocacy concerning the youth. And don’t be surprised if you see the Young Nacionalistas today as the next Manuel L. Quezon, Jose P. Laurel, Salvador Laurel, Manny Villar and Alan Peter Cayetano serving the people.


Young Nacionalistas is on Facebook ! To know more about this youth arm, visit on the page www.facebook.com/YoungNacionalistas


4 Responses to “Of being a Filipino, Of being a Young Nacionalistas”
  1. This a well written and informative article on the launching event! I hope you don’t mind sharing this in our page. 🙂 On behalf of the Young Nacionalistas, thank you very much for gracing our event, Veejay!

    • veejay says:

      It is my very honor po. I am looking forward about how the Young Nacionalistas will gain popularity in the next years to come. Oopps, not just popularity but leadership in many ways. Thank you and Mabuhay !

  2. joseph says:

    Hi! How does one join Young Nacionalista?

    • PJ Rock A. Palma says:

      Hi! Sorry for the late reply. You can reach the Young Nacionalistas through their Facebook page. Or look for Mr. Gaps Argayan on Facebook. Goodluck!

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