Student mock elections results released; Dick Gordon tops


“Richard “Dick” Gordon topped the recently concluded student mock senatorial elections held in different schools in the Philippines.”

 This is how my news lead goes in the article I passed to my professor but any communication students and/or journalists could make it as perfect as those published in print and in online. One can also revise the title of this blog, if you may.

Anyway, what you have read in this post is true. Richard “Dick” Gordon of the United Nationalists Alliance or UNA placed 1st in the student mock elections. The said mock elections were held simultaneously in the University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University and University of Santo Tomas. Others were individuals from different schools.

In Ateneo de Manila University, 37 students voted as the mock election was done online, through a platform called, Google Docs. Three candidates tied in the 12th place, garnering 27%. Risa Hontiveros placed on top 5 who was an alumna of the university. She was followed by Bam Aquino who was also a graduate of the university. Anyhow, this (being the alumni) may not affect the votes because, somehow, it would have been Risa on the 1st place and Bam followed or either.

Ateneo Results

In the Far Eastern University, only 70 students voted because they have a student government elections and other academic and non-academic activities as said by the head of these mock elections. FEU students chose “Chiz” instead of “Dick”.

FEU results

137 students voted for the mock at the University of Santo Tomas. Like FEU, Thomasians chose “Chiz” over “Dick”. These are the only two universities where “Chiz” topped the mock elections. Noticeably, Risa Hontiveros placed 12th unlike in the results of other schools where Risa placed higher than 12th. Why was this noticeable? It is because Risa was the one who pushed for the passing of the Reproductive Health Law which UST was so “anti” about it. Considering this situation, well, somehow, it would have been no Risa Hontiveros in the top 12 results. This may, somehow, didn’t affect the votes of the students.

UST Results

De La Salle University produced 273 votes from their students. This time, they chose “Dick” over “Chiz”. Like in Ateneo, Risa Hontiveros placed higher than the 12th. These two universities, if you were reading the news at the height of the RH Bill issue, voted for the passing of it. DLSU also produced the largest vote gap between candidates. This was between the 11th placer Jack Enrile and 12th placer Antonio Trillanes who had 15 vote gap.

DLSU results

In the University of the Philippines – Diliman, 545 students voted. The mock elections in UP were done simultaneously with the USC elections and only CMC students participated. Teddy Casino, an independent candidate, placed 3rd which was the only mock election result where he got there. He was a graduate of UPLB, a former chairman of a guild of college editors and a champion of students, after all. Grace Poe-Llamanzares was in the list joining her co-“common” candidates, which was also the case in Ateneo’s results.

UP results

All in all, as per the overall results showed, Liberal Party dominated the student mock elections. Only two candidates where from the opposition party or UNA while the two of three common candidates placed above the 5th and one independent candidate was in the list. Other independent candidates and candidates came from political families failed to appeal to the students. What the results showed is that what name/s already known and already served in the Senate were voted.

Overall Results

However, we can actually change the results and all must exercise the power to vote. If your candidate/s were not in the list, then vote for them. It is not impossible. One vote of you can change this country and can change your lives but not so dramatically.

(The student mock elections were sponsored by the UP Journalism Club and other organizations from different schools and the UP Department of Journalism. The students participated were both registered and non-registered voter. The results were presented during the Social Media Forum held at UP CMC Auditorium.)


The other 10 votes is not included in the list as it is only small figures. If you add all the total students from each school, the sum will only be 1,062.

 Very thanks to Roleen Camille delos Reyes for sending me the overall results.

#MamamayanMamamahayag #Hayag2013 #DapatTama #MalingMali #BotongIsko


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