I am the Penultimate SFTW!

I am sure that I am the Penultimate SFTW. This “Penultimate” that I am talking about is the term that my professor used to indicate and say that I am the second to the last Student-For-The-Week or SFTW in the class for the semester. This SFTW that I am also talking about is what my professor called for his own version of graded recitation. And the professor I am talking about is Prof. G. Pilapil, my in Political Science 14.

But being the Penultimate never supported the fact when you remove “pen” in the term. I am not ultimate in the SFTW. It is because I only answered 4 out of 5 so easy questions. Only one word made me feel that I am not ultimate. But yes, I am the Penultimate, no doubt about it; at least there is an “ultimate” there after all.

Here are the questions asked to me: (not verbatim)

  1. In the four qualities of the State or government, what is inescapability?

–          If you think that I answered it so fast, you are wrong. It is because I started the definition of the term in a wrong way. I used the “whether you are a citizen or in its territory” phrase which is wrong. The professor then spoke giving some clues. And I really kept on saying the “whether…” phrase. Because the professor is so kind, every SFTW receives clue from him. And yes, I answered it right but I am not satisfied the way I did it because beforehand, before the SFTW questions given, I just read it.

  1. How many deputy speakers are there in the Lower House?

–          This question made me feel better when I heard it. I answered 6. But here comes the follow-up question which is also confident for me to answer it: What are the duties of these deputy speakers? So I got it right. But here comes another follow-up question which made me feel so nervous and think so hardly because I just overlooked it. The question was, how these 6 deputy speakers chosen to be the speaker? I only remembered “by lot”, that is 1 out of 3 so I lacked 2. Then the professor gave me a clue, so I got the second right; “by assignment”, 1 more to go. The professor said clues, and clues, and clues. He gave me 5 seconds. 3, 2, 1. I didn’t get it. He shuffled the deck of index cards to call the lucky “starlet”, the one who will answer the question that will receive a star. The one who picked called the lucky guy and he answered, “by majority vote”. This made me feel so “un-ultimate”.

  1. There are standing committees in the Lower House. What are these standing committees?

–          This question made me feel so blank as if I didn’t hear it right. This is probably because of the previous question that made me feel guilty and down to myself. But I must get over with it. Anyway, I successfully got the question but answered it different from what is written down on my notes. Standing committees are the same with the Senate’s permanent committees, answered it in this way. The follow-up was easy. There are 58 standing committees in the Lower House.

  1. Why did Carpio retain the ceiling?

–          So, the professor asked this question which was not answered right by the previous SFTW. This is a repeat question so I got it right. Carpio retained the ceiling in the party-list system so that “any party cannot dominate the party-list elections” (not exactly from my notes).

  1. What is legislative district?

–          This is the term that I used to memorize every time I reviewed but I didn’t answer it immediately. The professor got into the point of giving me clue. That’s when I got this right. Legislative districts are the geographical division of a country based on the ordinance annex in the 1987 Constitution. This ended the questions to me and I received applause from my very supportive classmates.


Although I missed a point and whether you like it or not, accept the fact that I am the Penultimate SFTW. This subject is only one but I will tell you that I and all of the people can be ultimate in many ways.


I just realize that all in the class is the Student For The Win !


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