You Made Me Feel Better

You read the title right. You just made me feel better. You just made my day quite complete. You just let yourself served me not to the point of giving you the thought that that service is in a hard way. And more importantly, you just erased my ignorance on something and that was embracing a person like you other than my family.

You added me in your contact lists in one of the networking sites. Your name caught my attention because we have the same surnames but mine was just a joke and I messaged you, Hi. You let me think that you were not online at that time but a reply from you notified me. That night when you and I were exchanging messages – messages of hellos and expected soon-to-be-friends replies, you just made me feel that I have another close friend (said it “closed” immediately). You then asked me a favor and that favor was what I used to do sometimes during the night. After doing that favor together, you messaged me again and the conversation continued. After you heard from me that my soft bed was pulling me, you then asked a favor and that favor was what I used to do very seldom, just if someone requested it during the night. You said that it was going to be fast that was why I did that favor. You heard from me again that my soft bed was very eager to come over it. Then you click the ‘end call’ button. Finally, my soft bed felt my very presence and I, too, felt the very presence of my bed.

Favors happened again the next night. That next night was a conversation of really being friends, as if friends of long time ago. You started the topic of intellectual. That was when I felt the existence of someone talking to me like that. After sometime, you messaged me that you have something to tell that was different from what you said to me the previous night. You said the truth about you and that was again, I must say, made me feel better. Next conversations saw the exchange of not-too-personal information and you end up knowing that I am studying at the university where you have just graduated from. After some serious conversations, it was replaced of funny things. I am really impressed on those people who made me laugh and you may include yourself to that list. This is when I will said again that you made me feel better. You then asked me to go with you to watch a movie. Oh, movies. You just again made me feel the existence of a person like you who have so much knowledge about movies. That was when you knew from me that I, too, have much patronage about movies, particularly independent movies. Anyway, because you encouraged me, I said ‘yes’ but that was when you heard from me the, ‘kahit ano’ and ‘ikaw ang bahala’.

The previous night, before I forgot, was when you asked for my number. You were calling me that night but the battery of my cellphone did not warrant the energy for the call. Fast forward, Monday came in and that was when you scheduled the meeting of ours. Unfortunately, you said that you were not able to meet me where you said you would going to meet me. That was when you said that I just went to your house, giving me some directions.

After some minutes, you saw me walking towards you. I felt the shyness at that time and nervousness, maybe. But honestly, the day when I saw you, I felt you. I mean, I felt the presence of having another cool friend. When you told me, indirectly, where to walk, you did not hear any words from me. Because that was me or that was the feeling of any person when they meet someone at first. Then, you were with me riding to your house. To cut this ‘you made me feel better post’ short but not the ending, you opened the door for me and let me come in – to your house, to your room. You closed the door and I heard the clicking sound from the doorknob.

You immediately opened your laptop, gave me the DVD pocket and let me chose a movie. That was when you heard ‘kahit ano’ movie from me. You ended up choosing the movie starring Ashton Kutcher and I was like watching the ‘No Strings Attached’. After sometime, you touched my nape and I felt the heat, somewhat like with a volt of electricity…

I will say this again: you just erased my ignorance on something and that was giving you a kiss and beyond a kiss. You made me feel really better that no other person could give. I hope if you read this shit post, I should made you feel better, too.

PS. I hate you.


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