The Perks of Being with a Cool Family

Introducing the coolest family


She is the typical mother you have or you are seeing in some good movies but one thing unique to her is that she is cool, as cool as her eldest son’s friends and smiles the way her son smiles. She has a sense of humor, at least an inch and easy to laugh at jokes and sometimes, at people. However, she sometimes consider the jokes to her to be not funny and makes her to be angry but again, only sometimes.

Because she is a mother, she knows almost everything how her kids behave and knows how to deal with them. She has a soft heart and very easy to cry especially if the situations are about her family.

Considering her soft heart, she sympathize with people around her especially the poor and unheard people. She has very high respect to the old people.

Level of coolness: Very High

> The Fourth

Always running for honors but sometimes he doesn’t make it. He used to hold books, colors and notebooks doing some stuffs but unfortunately, if he is attacked by laziness, those things will be in the house somewhere. He used to play online games which greatly affected his studies – positively and negatively.

He used to tease his younger brothers even older brothers but when his brothers tease him back, he cries but not easy to cry. Maybe, you will have to say 100 jokes to make him cry.

To know more about him, just look for him somewhere outside or go to a nearest computer shop.

Level of coolness: High ++


>The Sixth

He is the youngest member of the family. But being the youngest doesn’t mean, being spoiled by parents. In the case of the sixth kid, no youngest child syndrome applied. He is very good at school but time to adjust for him. School is different from home where he used to play games in the neighborhood. Although, his playmates are also his classmates that is why they only play at school.

This kid is very sensitive to the point that he immediately cries when someone or his brothers tease him. But when he laughs, it is so cool and cute to the point that you, too will laugh not to the jokes but to his laugh.

Level of coolness: High ++


> The First

The author of this post knows nothing about the first. But one thing:

Level of coolness: Very High ++


> Papa

The good-looking father. Without him, there are no other good looking boys in the family. He is a “retired” basketball player and once, he became the Most Valuable Player in the basketball league he joined in the community where they live at.

He is the kind of father you also have who work and work and work. He always have “pasalubongs” every time he arrives from work and those “pasalubongs” are brought by him as if he knows what his kids like.

He is not-so-strict strict father and always mean what he says especially when he gets angry to his kids. But, just hug and kiss him and everything will be alright.

Level of coolness: Very High +


> The Third

The family says that he is the most stubborn kid but he is trying his best not to be called like that.

He simply love younger kids and knows how to take care them, how to make them not to cry and so on. He has a good voice and when he is in front of the videoke, he used to sing A1 songs but “Pusong Bato” will never be out of the list.

He laugh so easy, any kind of jokes will do.

Level of coolness: High +++


>The Second

He is the most bully among the kid but he only bullied his brothers. He is also the most intelligent among the brothers in terms of doing something non-educational (:P) or fixing some things.

He is not a sociable person and only talks when someone talks to him but not always. He has friends just can be counted with your fingers.

He loves to play online games and most especially, basketball. He might be the next MVP like his father. He is also very competitive and good at school.

Level of coolness: High ++


> The Fifth

He is the cutest kid in the family, only when the day he was born. LOL. He is naughty but very good at school. He used to play outside and most often, with the Sixth brother.

Crying is sometimes his favorite thing to do but sometimes jokingly do it. He laughs very loud especially if there is funny thing happened to someone or to his brother.

Selfishness also is sometimes his favorite thing but only applies to his brothers, sometimes to his playmates. Like when he has food, he doesn’t want to give others especially if that food is his favorite.

Level of coolness: High +++


This is just some of the descriptions in the family. If you want to learn more about them, just email me. Just ready your pocket as they want to be treated anything. Or just buy them a board games other than chess and they will surely play it.




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