Doubt, Miss, Trust

It has been a week since we saw each other. Not just seeing each other but touching each other literally and not literally. Not just touching each other but feeling each others body and feeling the heat.

I made a mistake to you. A mistake that taught you to not believe what I am saying. I am saying over the phone without seeing me, of course, but I accepted it. I accept the fact that you are in doubt when we are talking over the phone as if to say you know what is happening on my side.

But the doubt you are saying and giving to me made me some impact of positive and negative feeling towards you. You are doubting because maybe, you are just missing me. But let me say this, I miss you more than you miss me. If you are also in doubt about the last sentence, there is nothing more I can do for you to believe in it.

Your doubt makes me also to feel that you just want to know me better. That would make me feel better because I will be glad to sync with your doubt to know you better, too. The doubt will be a reason for us to know each other’s attitude towards some situations and how we deal with it. But you already knew what is my attitude towards your certain doubt on me and you already knew how I dealt with it. This is because you are in doubt on me, lately. I know nothing about your attitudes toward the doubt because I never give you something like that.

The doubt seems to give people a negative feeling – always. The doubt you are keep on repeating over the phone just saying that you do not have any trust on me. Trust will always be one of the most crucial things when a relationship gets long distance. Any distance will do as long as you are not together. And at this point in time, we are not together. I don’t know if you have doubt at this point in time because I do not have any doubt on you at this point in time. The doubt you are saying last night is the main reason why I write this thing.

Doubt and mistrust, they can be together.

No doubt, I miss you.

PS. Just say anything and I will accept it. Just say everything and I will listen to you and I will accept it.


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