Love, Sorry and Sympathy

Kites in the sky – they are my dreams. They are your dreams. They are our dreams. It is so high that ever reaching it is also but a dream. It is so high that there are winds blowing so hard. But not so hard to the point of destroying it. Because our dreams are so strong; strong like those other people’s dream of becoming of. And dreams become a plan for us.

Another days, we have been together again. We saw each other again twice, technically within a week. We touched each other again but we did not mean to do it. As a matter of fact, we promised to ourselves not to touch each other. This is always happening but we never really meant to break it. Our body, the hormones and the pituitary gland are working so high and effectively.  But, this is not part of our dream, this is part of the temptation when we are together. (Another) But, this is part of the plan in the first place, after all.

You opened the door immediately the last time we met. You laugh when I entered because you thought that I am the one who was in front of your door. But that was the janitor cleaning the hallway. Maybe, I can be like him in the future. But I will only be willing to do it if I would be your personal janitor. I then entered your room and you followed immediately, leaving the door very locked. I seated on your bed but you said I must remove my pants because that was filthy, dirty pants from outside. I did not follow  because I do not wanted to do it. Or, I just want to make things slower, just to make sure that the hormones in our body will not secrete more. You insisted. But I insisted, too. You insisted again but then, I said that will just have to leave your room and back to my home. This was when we started the trouble. Or, this was when I, I who was the main reason, started the trouble. This was when I started doing my hidden talent, and you were embracing me just to calm me down. This you made me feel better. But I did not stop. You made me laugh from time to time and I don’t know the reason, I let myself taking off my pants. I was hallucinated by you.

Spaghetti and a fried fish are what we eaten together. The fried fish was so good but I am honestly say that I am quite full at that time. We enjoyed eating together. I really enjoyed it. I am like eating with my family and you can be a part of the family I am saying, in the future and hopefully. This will change, you know and we might now that the change that will happen to us is the change that we are waiting for. Or I am waiting for. While we are eating, I just realized that it is so good to have with you in the table or in the bed or in any other place you want to eat. I felt you again.

One day in your life, there was someone asked you to have “fun”. That someone was one of your neighbor, somewhat your brother too because that someone was your brother’s friend but what he did to you was not a brotherly love that your true brother could give to you. You said some of his stats and that biggest part of that someone was never been into you. Another one, your neighbor too. You said that he was a player and most of all, a tripper. You said you gone away with that another one because he was a dirty player. These stories of you made me to have pity on you. Real pity, real empathy, real sympathy. I made the wrong move of asking a question that lead to hear me these stories. And until now, the imagination with your stories never left my mind. The tears when I am writing this were just in my eyes ready to flow. Sorry.

Never say a joke to me. This was what you heard to me. It was because I considered some jokes to be serious especially if the topic is very serious. But that another wrong move from me made me to repent (what’s the right word?). I am sorry, baby. I am very wrong. I was wrong. You said so much sorry and some minutes passed when I accepted it just right. At pass 6, I left your room. You embraced me before and I embraced back. You said, “I love you” and I said it back. After some hours, I texted you something that was another wrong move. I said in the text goodbyes and thank yous. Honestly, when I am typing those words, I was crying so hard. I hid it to the people inside the place where I am. This just say that I am not ready to let you go. I really fall in love with you. I don’t care what other people will say and think. This made me realized again that it is our duty to love but we may not consider to be loved a right. I love you very much. Baby, I am sorry.

2 Responses to “Love, Sorry and Sympathy”
  1. wilson says:

    wow…inspiring ! iba talaga pag in love 🙂

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