Why’s ‘Market Market’ being discriminated at ‘FTI/Tenement/C5-Ikot’ Jeepneys?

We are riding jeepney because we want to go somewhere. Jeepney is the most accessible form of transportation among the Filipinos so even a short distance of travel, we are riding by this Filipinized type of vehicle.

When I am going to school and back home, I am riding at this specific jeepney station at Guadalupe, just after you exited the Guadalupe Mall Complex. The station is called FTI/Tenement station which travels via C5-road to Taguig City proper. During rush hours, the station is so full of people that you could think that all people are living in Taguig City. Long queues of people are there in one side of the street and worst scenario of the queues is when it is raining hard.

When you take one of the jeepneys to this station, you would pass to one of the major malls in the city, the Metro Market Market. Almost all the people within the 50 or 100 kilometer circumference are already entered and shopped to the mall. Even the people far from the place, they are also going into the Market Market. However, your shopping and entertainment adventure to the mall would be disturbed as the jeepney drivers literally discriminate people going to it, based on my experiences. This only applies to the people riding the jeep from the station.

But why is it happening? Below are some of the assumptions, maybe true reasons, why jeepney drivers refuse passengers going to Market Market.

  1. There is a mall being built after the Market Market. It is named as SM Aura and will be open to the public on May 17. Because of the construction, the grounds or the cemented grounds along the mall were being destructed and created some small ‘craters’. The ‘craters’ or the holes in the street make some jeepney tires to be flatten, thus a burden to the driver and to the other jeepneys following it.
  2. Many of the drivers (and even passengers) want a faster travel to the destination. The way to Market Market, before you enter its proper, is the C5-road where drivers are driving so fast sometimes beyond the recommended 60kms./hr. If the jeepney driver entered the proper, actually the Bonifacio Global City proper, would mean slower travel because there are a number of other vehicles causing some queues which may be the reason for it.
  3. There seems to be a not-to-be-called jeepney station in Market Market, alongside the way where jeepneys from Guadalupe are passing. It is somewhat the extension of the FTI/Tenement Station in Market Market. This station must exclusively for the Market Market passengers and only those jeepneys in queues are going to pick up the passengers. Sometimes, jeepney drivers from Guadalupe do not get any passengers from the mall because of the jeepneys stationing there. It is now all about the competition among the jeepneys.
  4. There are only few passengers, will just be counted using your fingers in one hand, going to Market Market from Guadalupe. So, a two or three passengers are not worth to take a turn into the slower way by the jeepney drivers.

These are now some of the reasons why drivers discriminate Market Market passengers. You could have your own reasons. But I have only two recommendations that will surely be a convenient to you, especially to the Market Market goers.

A. If I were you, don’t take now the jeepneys from the FTI/Tenement station. Instead, ride now at the jeepney that has the signage, “Gate 3/Housing/Market Market”. This jeepneys are anywhere in front of the Guadalupe Mall or in the Jollibee near EDSA or the street going to MMDA or Sogo.

1. You should now take this jeep because you will only pay P8.00 which is cheaper than the P10.00 you have to pay from the FTI/Tenement Station and;

2. This jeepney passes three parts of the mall where you can enter; at the back of the Market Market (to Starbucks); right side of the mall (to Ministop) and in front of the mall (to the kiosks and FX stations)

B. If you really want to go to Market Market and your pocket and wallet is ready, just ride in a taxi cab. Say to the driver, “Market Market” and you will surely be there in a few minutes (just when no heavy traffic on the way).

Now you know.

One Response to “Why’s ‘Market Market’ being discriminated at ‘FTI/Tenement/C5-Ikot’ Jeepneys?”
  1. wruss says:

    Thank you very muxh. VERY INFORMATIVE.
    Keep on blogging.

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