RH will not affect my vote

It’s almost five months since the most talked, the most criticized and the most bashed law has been passed. It was dramatically being turn downed by some legislators in the Congress for the past years. And now, it is surely a law but the TRO will gonna be alright.

RH or Reproductive Health is a law that guarantees the health of Filipino women or mothers and their children. It also made the contraceptives such as condom, IUD and other non-natural way of family planning more accessible to the Filipinos. But the church, the Catholic church wanted something different. After all, they are the number one bashers and gate trashers when it comes to Philippine politics. Withstanding the long history of relationship between the Church and State, it really deserves to be broken.

Although the presence of the Church in the society is very important and significant as it is the one neutralizes (opposes) everything (yeah, everything), it is not as significant as their presence in influencing and taking part in the government. The autonomy is always there and if we say autonomy, that is autonomy.

With just 13 days before the elections, the Church is immediately flying their hands up and say, “Hey candidates, don’t ignore us. We are your conscience.”

At the start of the campaign period, there is this church in Negros Island where they actually posted a big tarpaulin identifying two teams, the Team Patay and Team Buhay, which is all about the RH. The Team Patay are those who voted for the passage of the bill and the Team Buhay is the either way around. This is clearly an influential material that would alter the attitude of the people towards the candidates.

This coming elections, being a first time voter, RH will not be the basis for me to vote for the candidates. What would be my basis is the same to those Filipinos dreaming for the betterment of their lives and of the country.

No one could influence my vote. And I will surely vote who could influence others, positively.

(But I will not vote for the party where their leader is the one who signed for it).


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