How nice is Nice Hotel?: A Review

Check-in rate: Php 185/2 hours

After I attended a throw out party for my departing friend to Germany, I was stressed out to go home immediately. That stress was because of the overnight telling of goodbyes, goodlucks and storytelling to be remembered of. From Valenzuela, I have to travel for at least 2 hours to our home in Makati which was so tiring for me to travel. Because of not just the stress but also the fact that I was also not feeling well for not taking a bath overnight and that I have eaten so much, I decided to stop by Cubao in Quezon City. I immediately thought of Cubao because for me, it is “the motel and hotel capital of the Philippines” where I could check-in to one of the hotels for some hours. Just after you go down from the MRT Cubao Station in the right southbound, there is this one hotel that caught my eyes. It was a green colored hotel that when you look from the outside, there is no window. Another thing that caught my attention was the encouraging words of ads and promos. So I decided to check-in on that hotel.

That hotel I am talking about is the Nice Hotel. I don’t know much about the background of this hotel but what I only know is that it is just like the red-themed Sogo and Victoria Court. Nice Hotel has 4 branches; in Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City; the one in Cubao, Quezon City; in C.M. Recto, Manila and in Caloocan. They haven’t expanded their branches outside Metro Manila but soon that will be like near. Nice Hotel is one of those few hotels or motels that offer low cost of check-in but with good service (as they say).

Anyway, when I entered, I immediately entertained by the uniformed man who was holding his voice transmitter. There was also two women in the counter busy answering calls and calling for clients that their time to check-out is near. The uniformed man said that they offer a three-hour check-in for 490 pesos. Because I didn’t have enough money for that three-hour check-in, I asked for their lowest rate which I am expecting that the man will say the price I saw outside the hotel. Their lowest rate is at 185 pesos for a two hour check-in. Not bad though. The service was too fast after I paid the bill and gave to me the keys. Room 201 – this was the room given to me. It was the room facing the elevator so I didn’t have a hard time looking for it. When I entered the room, I immediately switch on what I have to switch on and below are the things that will lead for me to answer the title of this post,

  • Good: As what I have said, the desk officer, information clerks, cashiers or anything you call to the people just when you entered the hotel, offered me a fast service. When I gave the payment, they immediately gave the keys and opened for me the door leading to the elevator.
  • Bad: It is important that you asked for lower rates because this is your  right. However, this is what I have done just to know the hotel’s lowest rate. The clerks were not telling you their promos not until when you asked.
  • Good: The room is too big for just one person and even, for two persons checking-in.
  • Bad: The room smells something different. It smells like a not-too-old room and that smell will for you to think that it is being used so much, everyday. They should spray air fresheners just after someone check-in on that room.
  • The room has a phone where you could call the information desk or call for the food service.
  • Good: The room has a bathroom. The bathroom has a shower, a bowl and a sink. The bathroom is also tiled. There is also a garbage can. All is functional.
  • Bad: The bathroom also smells something different. An “albatross” should also be put there or at least spray an air freshener. While the bathroom of the hotel has a dipper, there was no pale just for you to have the option not to use a shower.
  • The room has a quite huge bed. It is really meant for two persons just for them to do something different other than resting or sleeping (if you know what I mean). It has two soft pillows all covered with white cloth.
  • Good: The room has a television. That was what I immediately opened.
  • Bad: Unfortunately, the TV has no remote control or else, I didn’t see it around.
  • Good: There are switches beside the bed. The switches opened all the available amenities like the television, the air-conditioner, background music and the lights.
  • Bad: I nearly didn’t see the switches. It was beside the bedroom, above the small table, slightly covered by one of the pillows. Although the location of the switches is reasonable for someone to turn it on or off any time when lying in the bed, it cannot be seen immediately.
  • There were two bath towels and two slippers available in the room. For free use.
  • I availed the 185 peso-check in rate. The man I talked before recommended me to pay 200 pesos (an additional 15 pesos) to have a (two) toothbrush, a toothpaste and a shampoo. There was also a free soap for you to have a good bathing experience.
  • There is a mirror in the room and a table and chair. There were also posters in the mirror and in the room complete with instructions and guidelines for the clients.
  • Before your time ends, a clerk will call you within 20 minutes of your remaining time. She will also ask you if you want to extend your time.

Before I give my verdict, I just want you to know that security within the hotel premises was so strict to ensure the safety of the clients. After you check-out, you are not allowed to leave the hotel until a security personnel counterchecked the room you check into. These are the photos taken in the room using my 5 mp camera phone.

Out of 5, Nice Hotel will receive from me a rate of 3.75 based on the presented reasons. Although we cannot measure the niceness of a thing, Nice Hotel somehow deserves its name.

2 Responses to “How nice is Nice Hotel?: A Review”
  1. jaypee says:

    how much if we stay for 12 hours?

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