Saved by the Bed

By unanimous decision, I failed. I lost. Someone won. Someone got the title. And that someone saw ‘himself’ staring at me in the dark – at least not my whole identity.

Round one. My heart immediately thumped my skin, supporting the paranoid that my brain was responding when I saw my challenger’s shadow. The very impact of ‘his’ powerful appeal made me jumped to my feet or rather to my waist where I am insisting my weight. The science of perspiration was actively doing its job of ever showing its body of knowledge systematically. My ‘boxing’ attire was swimming with perspiration – because of nervousness, because of cowardice. I will be lost. All I can do was to ask anyone who could burn me with the hottest thing ever somewhere after my back. But no anyone was there. No help. Full of mistake. Mistake that haunted me right there on the spot where perspiration still working. I should not be here. Then, a loud noise from the imaginary crowd seemed like broken my eardrums.

My challenger was making ‘himself’ ready to punch me or giving me a job. Thank you to darkness. Thank you to the light which never making itself working unlike my perspiration. Because of darkness, I was saved. Because of the darkness in the bed, I was saved. Because of the nearest bed, I was saved. I only saved the punch, the job and the shame. But my challenger’s ignorance of my existence was not received to me a security an insurance company could give.


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