I’m afraid my love’s getting cold

It has been two days since we talked to each other and that two days seemed to be one week or even one year. Last day we talked, we had a conversation and discussion of some of the usual things. We also put some jokes to what we were saying. I enjoyed it really and I bet my love enjoyed it, too.

I know that there are problems that the couple shall experience. A perfect relationship, or I should say a good relationship because perfection doesn’t exist, is not as good as it is if there are no problems. I know we have our own priorities but before, we have still time for us. Time is changing you know. What you experienced today will never be the same tomorrow. And what the happiness with my love before will never be and is not the same today.

I really fell in love. Because of my love, I really appreciate what love is or maybe, lust. I don’t know how to accept things if lust wins. I don’t know what to do when things go cold, even at their coldest.

I do the effort of texting my love again. I texted so many messages and this would be a help.   I know we are in a long distance relationship because we are not together but I am really hope that in that kind of relationship, ‘distance’ will disappear.

I really missed my love so much and if we see each other again, I will probably make the cold into hottest.

PS. I just discovered that my love’s Facebook is deactivated


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