The “Triple Whammy”-like Hikes Yikes Youth Group

Wham Burger from Wham! Burgers

Buying a wham burger will cost you 150 to 200 bucks that will surely make your stomach full and this is your want. But buying a triple whammy-like need of yours will surely make your pocket go away from you.

This is what the youth group, Kabataan, implied on its press release to call for greater fight against the hike of basic social services such as tuition, water and electricity.

And two days after the Independence Day, not seemingly applicable, Kabataan had its protest right in the Palma Hall Lobby, UP Diliman.

Tuition Hike

The Commission on Higher Education failed not to approve the request of 354 colleges and universities around Metro Manila which after long time of youth and student consultations, they accept not the latter’s cry. Students are now struggling for their dream of having a degree in college but the commission will surely break it without other choice of taking it. We should clearly say that tuition is not which increased, it’s the miscellaneous fees.

Water Hike

It is absolutely ironic for the Philippines, our dear archipelagic country, to have the highest cost for water services being surrounded with large bodies of water. It is indeed that the two private water or soon to be ‘privated’ companies, MWSS and Maynilad, that distribute water in Metro Manila, will take care for the Filipinos. The plan of increasing the charges of these two water companies may let the people to use water very limited. Although the increase may implied to teach the people to conserve water, it is not practical to teach them how to just bath for one pail of water and use it for washing of plates, too. The 234 to 342 pesos of increase for an average usage of 30 cubic per meters may be bought for rice or another pail for water, maybe.

Power Hike

Meralco’s tagline, “Liliwanag ang Buhay”, may not still relevant today because of the hike it gives to the people. The cost of electricity in the Philippines will make the lives of the Filipinos go dark, literally and not literally. Literally because if they fail to pay the bill, they will not receive any power. Not literally because their minds will be going to dark towards the monopolizer of power in Metro Manila. And still every 22 centavos of increase per kilowatt-hour count.

Serious matter is still be a consideration. The protest of the youth actually say that the youngest sector in the society is doing something that they should not be problematizing about but it is wrong to say this. What the elitists and businessmen are saying that youth should not be in streets but rather be in school or classroom is wrong, too because they don’t even experience what the normal or regular people are experiencing. As part of the University of the Philippines’ responsibility of serving the nation, it is just right to go outside the box, outside the four walls of classroom.

The hikes support the domino effect in the economy. If the “triple whammy”-like hikes in the basic social services is still around in the market, no one will buy it or else the people already did, long time ago.

The photo is not mine. I found it somewhere on Google.


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