Sentiments of People on Facebook this Day for Fathers

Today is Father’s Day and we are all (not all, really) happy about it. People start sharing their thoughts about their love, miss and thanks to their fathers (or brothers and mothers) over the web, especially on Facebook.

And to know the sentiments of my Facebook friends about this day especially for Fathers, I collected some of them and post here in my blog.

But before you see their sentiments, do watch this graphic video about fathers and their day I found over Youtube.

Below are the sentiments of my friends on Facebook this day for daddies. (I didn’t include the photos with their posts)

Alia's Message[Seems like Alia’s father is working for the government. Happy Father’s Day to all role model fathers!]

Madee's Message[Sorry to hear that, Madee. Yes, I will surely cherish all the time with my father. Cheers to your words!]

Pam's MessageEliana's Message[Pam’s and Eliana’s messages really say that mothers can replace fathers to some extent. Mothers are looking macho and strong today]

Roxanne's Message[The Philia type of love, Ancient Greeks’ Brotherly/Familial Love, is what Roxanne experienced with his brother who stands as her father for a long time.]

Jacquelyn's Message[Seems like Jacquelyn is bringing his father’s esteem. Hey, Jacquelyn, my father is more handsome but yours would be the most.]

Coco's Message[Cokes, when I saw the photo of your Dad, I immediately searched for the photo of the late-George Canseco. Well, they have similarities. Your dad can be a good wrestler, by the way.]

Edmark's Message[Edmark, pay your dad with beer today. You had a grade of 98% because of him. Cheers!]

Sir Erwin's Message[Sir Erwin, use Tide or Ariel for easy laundry. LOL. Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers working under the Commander who happened to be their wife. LOL again!]

Roy's Message[Kuya Roy, isn’t that your father’s batch is ’85 in PMA? Cheers to all soldiers out there!]

Reynette's Message[Good Reynette. You actually say that everyone’s father is the Father Almighty. Good grace!]

Arvin's Message[Arvin’s father is surely an OFW. Happy Father’s Day to all OFW’s out there in the world.]

Chris' Message[Chris, my father has a mustache too when I was a kid. Happy Father’s Day to all daddies with mustaches.]


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