Today is Father’s Day and so I blog

Today is Father’s Day. Since this is the day for fathers, let us put a Happy Father’s Day.

My father was born on 1972. Yeah, he is a Martial Law baby and  almost born on the day when I was born or maybe, on the day when Proclamation 1081 was proclaimed, if my grandmother failed not to born him 7 months after.

My father is a typical guy just like your father – cool, sweet and lovable. But, just accept this fact, my father’s handsomeness is the one you cannot see on a typical father. After all, he is my father and the handsomeness and hotness I am talking about is what I gained.

My father is a two-time Most Valuable Player in our barangay. Yes, he is a basketball player but his height doesn’t warrant what could be the normal height of a basketball player. He stands only for like 5’4″ but when I was a kid, he stands like 5’11”. After his lifestyle changed, his tummy became bigger that is why he seldom plays basketball.

Today is Happy Father’s Day and I seriously don’t get the point of posting sad words of others on Facebook. They should do the same of thanking their fathers for overflowing love. This is what I want to say to my dear and beloved Father. Thank you.

To match your love for us, I promise, in behalf of my 6 siblings, that we will study very hard and the diploma in college degree will be there at your room hanging.


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