The Love of Man of Steel: A Review

The famous, “Look! It’s a bird. It’s a plane…No, it’s Superman” is not applicable anymore. Superman appears nowhere in the film which is a sequel-like remake especially dedicated for the strongest superhuman human on earth – the Man of Steel. In fact, the name Superman is never been said or heard in the film which some of the audiences might wait. The director, Zack Snyder and screenwriter David Goyer, created Superman or Man of Steel, rather for the new generation, equally putting a different image to Krypton and to the characters around.

With all the significant changes throughout the past decades or century, maybe, in the film, the idea of love is not taken to be one of the buildings gradually falling behind. Love is as strong as Man of Steel still flying in the sky.

Let us first give Love a meaningful affection. According to the Ancient Greeks, there four types of love ranging from divine to family and to intimate love which they termed as Agape (love for humanity), Philia (Brotherly love), Storge (Familial Love) and Eros (Erotic/Romantic Love). Aristotle, on the other hand, added some types of love which he called as Ludus (Affectionate Love), Pragma (Mature Love) and Philautia (Self-love). Applying these types of love to the Man of Steel, it showed that there are actually many applicable ones in the course of the film.

Love of Father

Jor-el was seen swimming in a sea full of baby Kryptonites. After some minutes, he was able to get into a small way and stole a skull-like object connected into one of the roots. The object is happened to be the Codex, a database of every Kryptonian “bloodline,”. Jor-el knew that General Zod was after it for no reason at all which eventually we know that it is use to build Krypton again. What Jor-el did was implanted it to Kal-El’s cells and sent his son to another world called earth. The rest is history, afterwards.


The flashbacks in the film helped the audience to understand Kal-El’s life who eventually called as Clark Kent. His send off to the earth is because of his biological father’s love, not just to him but also to the whole Krypton.  His parents acted the way they used to be as they will not see their son again. When Clark Kent found a lost space vehicle, he met his father. However, their meeting is not dramatic with no feeling of excitement. And the appearance of Jor-El for the second time around helped his son for the journey. This is love, actually.

Another love occurs. Man of Steel movie may be viewed as a Father’s Day special. It shows the father and son relationship dramatically giving them a perfect views. Clarks’ adaptive father, Johnathan Kent, always gives him advices when bullied by his classmates, honestly told his true identity and letting him not to show his power in many people in the scene where there was a hurricane passing by the highway. Man of Steel shows that the love of father is the greatest love we can receive which is supported by the fact that the film shows a father after father scenes.


Love of Lane

Man of Steel, despite his true identity as a Kryptonite, also feels love just like any other normal humans do. Superheroes, in general, have love life in some point of their lives. They learn how to love humans and may be they used their superpower to be loved.

However, Man of Steel doesn’t successfully make the audience to feel the “kilig”, other superhero movies give. The meeting of Clark Kent and Lois Lane is not as significant as other superheroes with their loves.

“[Be] careful with those. They are heavy”, said Lois Lane, non-verbatim, when he saw Clark carrying out her things from the chopper. Maybe a , “hi” can simply build the kilig just like in any other movies. There’s nothing too special about their meeting. Even how Clark saved Lois in a robot-liked machine which wounded and gunned her down is not as sweet as Clark in the previous installments.


Lois Lane started helping Clark. Love maybe started to form this time. How Lois tried to hide Clark from the authorities who wanted him to take over to General Zod is love, too. And how they kissed each other after the victory is also love but sweetness is there in one of the fallen buildings.

But, is there any love or sweetness formed when Clark Kent and Lois Lane met each other again in the Daily Planet? Maybe, there’s one and maybe just another day for normal people to meet. And setting aside the idea of love, how come Clark Kent became one of the journalists for the Daily Planet? Did he use his superpower to modify his curriculum vitae? Clark Kent is really a journalist after all and Mr. Goyer found a scene where to insert this fact.

Love of the World

Man of Steel premiered on the day of independence in our country. Over a hundred years now, our beloved Filipinos heroes have fought to attain the freedom and independence that had been taken to us by the colonizers.

The fans of Man of Steel celebrated with his victory to defend the world. Clark Kent was able to prevent General Zod from making the earth the next Krypton. He has this nationalistic love for people and for the world. But, there is a benefit of the doubt for Clark for his selfishness. He defended the world because he did not want to go with General Zod because of the Codex living in his cells. He did not want to die.

The love award can be given to General Zod, too. He has a love for Kryton because he wanted to build their home again although his motive in doing it was bad as his face. Antagonists felt love, too at some point.


Although many other reviews graded Man of Steel as not that too significant movies as The Dark Knight Rises, Spiderman and The Avengers, the love of fans to Clark Kent, who is the Superman many of us know, cannot be removed from them. If someone tries to insist that Man of Steel is not good this time, the fans may act like Faora-Ul, the only female villain full of hatred and right hand to General Zod, to kill you.


Source about Love:

Khalili, Jim-Al (13 December 2012). What is love? Five theories on the greatest emotion of all. In The Panel. Retrieved 21 June 2013. From


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