9 Most Memorable Filipino Movie Lines

If you are a movie enthusiast, surely you don’t forget the scenes and lines of your favorite characters. You even bother yourself typing it to your phone while watching in the movie house or sharing it on Facebook or Twitter right after you hear it, hashtag #NowWatching.

And you, being an OPM or Original Pinoy Movies (yeah, I know it’s all about music) fan, I am pretty sure you don’t and can’t forget the lines of our beloved celebrities. In this 9 list of most memorable movie lines, try remember the scenes and I am sure, you will see yourself nodding and eventually sharing it to your friends.



If you were already alive between the late 80’s and early 90’s, you might surely have watched all of Rene Requiestas’ films. He is your typical actor that never receives any of the heartthrob award or most promising actor. Based on his physical appearance, you will be satisfied to what I have said. But never ever underestimate this guy in front of your screen. You are not like him because he had been in a number of movies and acted many characters. He had also partnered and tandem with many of the biggest names in show business industry, such as Kris Aquino, Dolphy, Gabby Concepcion, among others. He used to do jungle-themed movies, and impersonating Tarzan was always his role. This time, humor is what the Filipinos maybe looking for, second only the physicality.

fernando poe


There can be no Filipino who doesn’t know FPJ or Fernando Poe, Jr who described as the “Da King” of Filipino movies. Who doesn’t know Panday? Or who cannot forget his fantastic superhuman-like punches to the villains? If you do, watch Isang Balang Ka Lang which is all about FPJ’s journey to find the real killer of his wife that results to his imprisonment because of the blame. You might have seen the photo used above anywhere on Facebook, like this one:
From: memecrunch.com

vilma santos


Vilma Santos is the one of the first actresses to be a Darna, the original Pinay superhero created by Mars Ravelo, still flying and helping the people for almost 5 decades now. Her sidekick, Ding, never get older, still in his 10th or 11th year old. “Ding, Ang bato!” became so popular again in the 21st century as GMA 7’s Angel Locsin played the role. You should not forget the sexiness and hotness of Darna and the antagonists, most popular is Valentina. Because of the popularity of Darna, a song was created, entitled Narda, the undressed Darna, by Kamikaze. See? How creative Mars Ravelo was. Narda to Darna, so easy.

hilda coronel


If you enjoyed watching The Temptation of Wife, No Other Woman, The Mistress or My Neighbor‘s Wife, you must be thankful to Danny Zialcita and Tom Adrales who made Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan?. This movie will tell you that the ties of friendship can be destroyed by the promises of love and the temptation of betrayal. Elsa (Hilda Koronel) is thirsty of love and romance because she never get to feel his husband’s presence, reason of being with another woman (Lily, played by Vilma Santos), minsan.

nora aunor 2


You know what, I haven’t watched this film but I heard the above lines before. It is not because of Nora Aunor but because of Ate Gay, her impersonator. Ate Gay’s acting of the lines made this one so funny which is different from the original’s seriousness. The intonation of Ate Gay seems to fully impersonate Nora Aunor’s. Based on my research, Minsa’y Isang Gamu-gamo tells you the story of a family who dreamed of going and living in Uncle Sam’s country. To cut the story short, Nora Aunor’s brother was shot to death by the American soldiers. During the wake, some Americans went to their house, trying to pay their damages, that’s when Nora shouted, “My brother is not a pig…”. On the other hand, you might be thinking what does “gamu-gamo doing in the title. Film critic, Nick Tiongson said that it’s all about Nora’s attitude of being calm despite of the events happened to her family.

carlo aquino


The characters in Lualhati Bautista’s Bata, Bata…Paano Ka Ginawa? was given a life by Chito Rono’s version in film. Honestly speaking, when I was a kid, I thought this question, too but the film doesn’t literally meant it. And after how many years, this line was heard of again by Carlo Aquino himself and this time, sounds so funny because his mother accidentally slapped not him but one of the boys. Maybe wondering how we are made?

sharon cuneta


Almost over, this line made to be fun of and laugh at now. The dramatic acting of the Megastar seemed to be sold out by the Filipino people. Gays and gay-women used to act this and sometimes, included in some of the comedy films today.

cherie gil


You cannot forget this very good line from one of the greatest antagonists in the Philippine movies, can you? Maybe, at some point in your lives, you have actually done this with matching a cigarette on one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Mistress and betrayal films should be doing this, I think. Thanks, to Ms. Cherie Gil for the acting and the aura. If the water is hot then, Sharon would still have her scar.



And landing in the first place, not just here, not just in Top 10 lists of anything and everything but also in the film industry. Because of being one, if not the phenomenal film in the Philippines, Star Cinema bothered to restore it but premiered abroad. I know the feeling of saying this line. Just like any other lines, this has been part of the Filipinos’ lives, our lives. By the way, do you believe on her?

And our list of top 9 of most memorable movie lines ends here. You might have something to add in this list, then feel free to comment. I can make another list for them. Or you think I didn’t give justice to some of the lines because they should be first before the other, comment it too. Above all, please show our gratitude and thanks to Filipino “screen-players” who, because of their creative mind, these lines exist.

Before ending this post, I just want to say that your favorite line may not be included in the list because it became a finalist.



Ang Pinaka. GMA News Online. 25 June 2007. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/48092/showbiz/ang-pinaka-s-most-memorable-movie-lines. Retrieved 22 June 2013.

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