J117 Live Blogging Exercise

This is the product of my listening and typing skills during the live-blogging exercise we done in class. There is a video played in class about Obama’s inaugural address.

Cheers and shouts heard from the crowd for the last time.

“God bless the people of America”

Obama gives his thank to the Americans

Setting the countries goals…you and I.

Obama encourages the Americans to act for justice, social security

Suffrage for equality

Gay brothers and sisters are created equal in the law #OBAMA

Obama speaks again for equality and justice.

Americans must be the source of hope to the marginalized and sick people #OBAMA

Strong alliance in every sides of the world

“People who still need peace do not need perpetual war”

Obama speaks for saving the planet

“We the people still believe in our obligations”

Social security for the Americans

Effort of every single Americans…this is what the country requires

“She is an American, therefore she is free…not only in the eyes of God”

Obama speaks for the goodness and pride of America

Shout, cheers and claps hear from the crowd.

The call for collective action…that no single people can teach children alone

Obama encourages the people to work together.

Obama speaks for education and economy.

Obama is now speaking the history the US passed.

“All men are created equal” #OBAMA

Obama is now starting his address.

Obama comes out and people are shouting, “Obama ! Obama!”

US Citizens pays Obama with their warmest welcome. Cheers from the crowd.


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