Two events Filipinos must observe tomorrow

July 22 is not just your regular day tomorrow or not just the day to start the week. There are actually two important events that will take place that Filipinos must observe. If tomorrow is your birthday, you can consider it, too, as the third event that all must observe.

First of these events is the 3rd delivery of the State of the Nations Address (SONA) of President Benigno S. Aquino, III.

from bicolpulsedotcom

All is encourage to watch the SONA of the president to know where are we now and where will we be in the next 3 years of his administration.

Be ready your television, radio and most importantly, your internet connection tomorrow. Encourage, too, is to be on Facebook or Twitter and share your insights or comments about the president’s address. Be active!

Second event is especially dedicated to those who are not registered voter yet. Tomorrow will be another round for Commission on Elections (COMELEC) to accept applications for registration.

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Are you planning to transfer your voting place because you transferred to another city or barangay? Do you have problems with your registration like names and biometrics? Or you don’t have any problems because you are not registered yet. Then, go to your local COMELEC office. Bring any documents or IDs that will validate your name or address or your whole identity.

The registration will take place until July 31.

Take note: Those who will fail to vote for two consecutive elections will invalidate the registration. Counted will be is the SK and Barangay elections that will take place sometime on October. So, if you did not vote last May elections and will not vote again this October, you cannot vote in 2016.

Tomorrow, you are actually two rights (and responsibility). Your right to hear the current situations of the country by the president himself and your right to exercise your vote for the next elections.

July 22_1


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