Three weeks of waiting takes courage and commitment

American set us “free” on the 4th day of July 1946 after the transition period of independence granted from the provisions of a Commonwealth government.

You would consider the above sentence as a boring one. I remembered when I am telling you something historical and something trivial and you just say, “Okay” for that matter. I know sometimes history gets boring and sometimes not.

Two days after the 4th of July, you left the Philippines to go to a country historically colonized by the British colonial government. I know you have the purpose in going so. And I will consider you a lucky one for going there because I have the dream of going there, too, someday.

Before you left, we “professionally” talked and decided that we must talk over the web, maybe using Skype, Facebook or Google mail for video chatting. Well, if my knowledge serves me right, you were actually the only one decided for it. But I attested that idea. It was great.

I was so sad when I knew you were leaving. You said that you will stay in that country until the 22nd. This is three long weeks so the importance of seeing each other via satellite is so important.

Two days. Three days. Five days. Seven days. More days have past but I was not able to receive any message of yours from Facebook or Gmail. I considered your busyness and business. I once the one emailing you saying “I miss you” or “hi” or “take care”. But no reply I received.

The promise of you to talk to me was still a promise left behind. One day, an idea came into my mind if one time we will be having a video conversation. Did you remember when you were in Bacolod and when we did video chat, you toured me inside the hotel where you checked-in? You could have done this in the high end hotel that you introduced to me last night. I could have able to see the outside view of the hotel. And I started to imagine things. And the imagined things remained to be the imagination which met its death.

Two weeks. No call or messages again. But I must not forgot that you were able to call me twice but it was so short because the call fee is so expensive. I became so happy when you called. I can still recognized your voice.

Within three weeks of waiting, I surprisingly cried for you. Thinking that it is so weird for a guy crying for just one person. I honestly did cry. I was crying because I missed you then. I was crying because you were not able to bring the book I wanted you to read which I bothered put, “Take care!” a night before you left. I was crying, two weeks after, because I thought of leaving and forgetting you.

I honestly focused on happy and busy things when my mind started to forget your existence in my life. It was actually effective.

When I opened my Facebook account one day, you were the one on top of my news feed. I clicked to your photo and it brought me to your profile. I saw one of your smiling photos and I cried. That’s when I realized that your existence is not yet extinct on my mind.

For three long weeks, I met many people and bonded with my friends during lunch time. One of them seemed to meet my final resort of loving her. But when I thought of her and you, I blamed myself for meeting you and that person or any other person in this world that gave me the feeling of love at first sight.

To cut this short, I just thought if I will go back to you or I will just have to focus on my studies first. But the idea of leaving you is just so complicated. Really is complicated.

But one thing for sure, I still love you.

“The Philippines still waited for the independence to be granted. And so, it was given”


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