Where can your allowance take you?

During the State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Benigno S. Aquino III, he actually hinted that the government is not already that capable of subsidizing the operations of the three fastest and most accessible form of transportation in EDSA and Manila, the MRT and LRT (1 & 2). Based on what he said, the government is subsidizing an amount of P25 and P45 for each LRT and MRT passengers, respectively. Although a public consultation will be made by the Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC), it will never guarantee pending the fare hikes.

By next month, August, there will be a fare hike of P5.oo for both transits. The government is planning to add fares amounting to a total of P25 but this will take slowly. However, the government is still subsidizing some costs accordingly.

Taking this to a bigger picture, hundreds of thousands of passengers will actually be affected with the fare hikes. Majority of these passengers are the students who commuted everyday.

fare table_1

Applying this to the UP students like me, the MRT fare hike is seriously a burden. For example, if a regular UP student has an everyday allowance of P170 because its the only amount that his/her parents are able to give, he/she has to allot P28 (P14 for each travel) for his/her MRT fare. This assumes that the student is originated from Taft Avenue going to Quezon Avenue. So, he already left with P142. This amount will be for another jeepney fares [jeep going to UP (P10); jeep from his/her home to MRT station (P8 – P10)], food, readings and load. The UP student is left with less than P20 which he/she may use if there are emergency matters or for additional readings.

fare table_2

The above fare table shows the additional P5 (or P10 for round trip) for MRT fare. The additional P10 is a large amount for the students who may have the exact or not exact situation from the fare table.


With three years of everyday going to UP, I have tried riding different forms of transportation. In my situation, I used to ride in bus from Guadalupe to UP gate/gym. The bus ride costs me P20.00 for student discount (p25.00 if not student). The below table shows the changes from MRT to Bus.

fare table_3

However, the above table may not applicable to students if his/her class is just around or walkable from UP gym, like in PE, Mass comm, CSWCD, Music, NCPAG or paying at ISSI. If his/her class is at CSSP, Eng’g, CAL or CS, he/she has to ride an Ikot jeep or Toki which could costs him/her P7.00.

Another recommendation is to go down in Philcoa and from there, a jeepney going to UP costs P7.00 which is the same with the above situation.

(The fare for bus is just one way ride. Round trip is P40.00).

With all these tables above, we can conclude that riding MRT is still cheaper than riding the bus.

The most recommended thing to do is to implement again the 20% discounted stored value ticket. I was able to avail one before. From P100, the discounted ticket is P80 which is way cheaper.


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