Route +63 in the Juan Great Leap

Last Saturday, Juan Great Leap organized its nth month of another Open Coffee event in Loyola Heights, Quezon City. My professor in J117, who I suspected to be one of the members of the organization, invited us to the event.

juangreatleap logo

Basically, Open Coffee is literally an open coffee event where everyone gets and drinks a coffee while listening to a person standing in front of them. Open Coffee is not academic, you know. It’s all about business. It’s all about putting up a business. The person standing in the crowd is the one who shares and discusses his/her business idea for just two minutes. He/She then asks the audience on how to make his/her business idea be more convenience, operable, operatable or marketable. The audience will then suggest and give comment about the business idea. And this raising of hands creates more discussions and throwing of ideas.


Open Coffee event is purposely exists to build connections, networks and contacts relating or not relating to business start-up.

One of those people stood in front of the audience during the event is Ms. Florence. She introduced the company where she works, the Route +63.

Based on her introduction, Route +63 is basically a travel company. But if you think this is just another travel company that send  off people to other places, look for them over the web and think again! Route +63 pushes for travel with advocacy. Which means, every time people travels, it must have a cause.


When Ms. Florence asked what was the most significant project they did to a certain place, she proudly said about the Banawe Rice Terraces.

“…because of the rehabilitation in Banawe, it was removed from the list of UNESCO of threatened natural wonders. But I am not saying that it was because of Route +63 alone. We have tied up with other organizations to do it”, said Ms. Florence.

Aside from Banawe, Route +63 also went to Sagada, Palawan, Catanduanes, Bataan and other places to conduct conservation of nature activities and to introduce to the people with them the value of caring the environment and be more responsible.

Route +63, aside from its goal of dramatically pushing for environment conservation, also strive for social awareness of one’s culture.

“We know that Philippines is a beautiful country and has a rich culture which majority don’t know about.”

Route +63 is established on July 04, 2012. Route +63 because +63 is the country code of the Philippines.

From the audience, one recommended, she is from Davao, to plant mangroves so that marine life can have their place to live.

After the Open Coffee event, Ms. Florence have surely get ideas from other people. She had even received business cards among them.

And this is what good about Open Coffee event.

Do you have any plan of putting up a business but no one could help you? Do you have any business ideas to share?

Open Coffee needs you or you may need them. Another event will take place next month!

You can reach them at these addresses:


Official Website:

Twitter: @JuanGreatLep


ROUTE +63:

Official website: http://route63travels.

2 Responses to “Route +63 in the Juan Great Leap”
  1. Route+63 says:

    Thank you for featuring Route +63! Hope you can join one of our trips soon 🙂

    • veejay says:

      I actually recommend Route +63 every time me and friends talk and plan to go somewhere. Will just contact you if plans go well.

      Thanks and more power!

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