I am seriously jealous with Generosity

Do you know Generosity? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. If you do, how on earth did you know about it? Tell me how! Please leave this post now and my blog has many articles that you may like to read (but if you know Generosity that is different from whom or what I know, continue reading then). If you don’t, stay and know about Generosity I am talking about.

According to vocabulary.com, “Generosity is a quality that’s a lot like unselfishness. Someone showing generosity is happy to give to or share time, money, food or WHATEVER with others.” This means, as the definition suggests, that Generosity is a good quality that everyone of us should possess or “should be with”. The definition is actually what I am looking for to describe to you who or what is Generosity and why and how I am so jealous about him or it.

I consciously type the letters of WHATEVER because it has something to do with the thing that I am so jealous about. Whatever means anything or anywho, anywhat, anywhy or anyhow. That does include love? Yes? Yes! Generosity is not all about the material things. It is also all about love. Generosity can give you love! That’s what I am ranting about! That’s what I am so jealous about!

Generosity gives YOU (as in YOU!) the time because you are together sometimes. You are sharing every moments when you’re together. You are sharing food, maybe. The sharing of ideas bridges both of you to be together even if not physical, sometimes via the technology that generous and smart people made. You are maybe saying sweet words that you don’t actually say to me. You care for Generosity. You are talking to him while I am around and I feel the slap on my face. You even defended Generosity when I asked something about him. You are his savior. And me? Left behind in the darkest cliff with no generous people around.

But one thing for sure. I am receiving the best act of generosity from you even if at the end of this post, Generosity still wins.


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