The Professional Heckler: Politicking the Humor, Humoring the Politics

The Professional Heckler is only one of the millions of phenomenal blogs out there. But blogs like the Professional Heckler do not come instantly over the Internet. It is good to know its origin and how it has evolved through time.


“Writing the history of blogs is therefore no easy task.” – Dan Fletcher of Time MagazineBlog sidebar1

Did you know that the inventor of the World Wide Web is also the creator of the first weblog in 1991? Yes, that was no other than Tim Berners-Lee, a software engineer at CERN back in 1980s. But, the term weblog is not yet known by the people back then until when Jorn Barger used the term in 1997 “to describe a log of links that chronicled visits to various websites” (Pole, 2010).

If you are using Blogger for your blogs now, you are actually benefiting from its original purpose in 1999 of providing individuals a freedom to publish their own blogs using free hosting services and Internet domains. And imagine, that year was when people were just starting to uncover the wonders of the Internet so the world seen less than 50 blogs. The rest is history as the saying goes and it’s also applied with the blogging phenomenon as the world witnessed the overflowing of blogs today. In fact in 2008, a study estimated that there are more than 184 million blogs worldwide (Pole, 2010). After Blogger, many other free hosting sites emerged such as LiveJournal, Myspace,Typepad and others.

Free hosting services

Ever wonder how did blogs come here in the Philippines? You may not believe but first weblogs or simply, blogs in the country were created by the technology bloggers (tech bloggers). These tech bloggers have the knowledge on programming and computer languages that are important skills in working with the internet. Tech blogs were used to update people in the development of technology when the world entered the millennium age.

After tech blogs, many other kinds of blogs entered the online world. There were blogs on food, fashion, humor, personal, photography, politics, and travel, among others. With all these kinds of blogs, personal blog is the most common and most popular.  The reason for this is that anyone can put up a blog in many free hosting sites, in less than 10 minutes.



To understand blogging in plain English and how it works, watch the Youtube video below:

Humor and Satire

“Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.” – Molly Ivins

“People say satire is dead. It’s not dead; it’s alive and living in the White House”  – Robin Williams

It is definitely difficult to make people laugh as many comedians and comediennes say when they are interviewed about their job. Making people laugh is not just happening when a comedian is standing before a certain number of audiences. Fortunately, comedy and humor is brought to the online world for the Internet masses and the audience is massive. Comedy and humor is now reflected in the name of blogging.

cracked and rec.humor.funny are among the first humor blog sites in the world that still making people laugh through their humorous posts. These blog sites offer classic jokes like knock knock jokes or use a word in a sentence. lists all things under the sun and laughter is still there.


But, the emergence of jokes in satire is growing. Jokes are not just lying flat which evolved into being a commentary. More people are visiting commentary type of blogs especially if the posts are political satire. This is true because “making fun of leaders is a pleasure enjoyed by ever more people” (The Economist, 2013). Over the net, there are many blogs about political satires. They are not just about making people laugh or comedy, it change and help them.

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