Staycation not: With CCPeeps and Friends in Zambales

It is probably not for me to say that I was in staycation this semestral break. It was official. I had a vacation. But the vacation I had just experienced was different from the vacations and out of town trips I had five years ago or so. It was different because it was not my family, relatives, classmates, best friends and org mates that were with me. I was with my friends I met while volunteering in CCP.

After a month of preparation, planning and brainstorming (yes! we had it), my friends decided to go to Zambales. The one and only reason was for us to experience surfing. Actually, only a friend of us named Dixie suggested to go to that place.

We went to San Felipe, Zambales. It is approximately 150 kilometers away from Manila and can be traveled three to four hours long. Travelling through SCTEX is the best and fastest way you can get.

Day 1

Along the way, we had one stopover and had taken picture.

While riding the van, some of my friends played cards in the back. And three of us in the front couldn’t do anything about being in the play.

Photo by Dyann Severo

Photo by Dyann Severo

Each one of us also enjoyed the view and landscapes of mountains, bridges and lahar along the way. It was my first time to pass SCTEX so I didn’t know that there existed a way like that.

After 3, 4 or so hours of travel, we finally reached our destination, the Circle Hostel in San Felipe, Zambales. But, we didn’t waste our time and immediately do the things we have to do in the place – Surfing! If you want to experience it yourself, it would cost you P400 (Instructor – P200; Surfing Board – P200).

Unfortunately, I didn’t experience surfing the waves because it was a long story.

Anyway, the night on our first day in Zambales was full of laughs, friendship over jokes, Uno card plays, pinoy poker card games, tarot card mysteries and of course, the overflowing (overflowing?) drinks in the table. The Great Dixie was another big joke. Ah I am sorry The Great Dixie ah.

Photo by Dyann Severo

Photo by Dyann Severo

Day 2

Our second day in Circle Hostel was the continuation of our first day (of course, Veejay!). We continued the second game of the Ultimate Frisbee in the shore. Unfortunately, my team where I belong was the loser team. Maybe, I’m the loser myself.

We also had sort of a game in the sea by just facing and challenging the waves. If you don’t know how to jump, you would probably taste the saltiest water you’d ever tasted.

Second day also means that we have to leave the place. Nothing ever stopped us from taking pictures!

We also had this 360 degree video in the shore. How cool is this?

Oops. But we cannot forget the driver of the van, our captain! He must used to have side view photos of him!

The Final Wave

“What happens in Zambales, stays in Zambales” (Gapayao, 2013). There were so many things happened in Zambales. There were things that were worth to be told of, to be disclosed of and there were things that should be left behind in Zambales like I was kissed and I kissed someone. LOL.

But what really should not be left in Zambales is the friendship formed in this out of town trip. I met new friends and laughing buddies while old friends knew themselves more deeply.

Photo by Dyann Severo

Photo by Dyann Severo

Should I say that friends and friendship are like waves? There are ups and downs, they get back in the sea no matter what happens and they never get calm. Like friends and friendship, indeed.

Photo by Dyann Severo

Photo by Dyann Severo

I just hope that there would be another trip like this! Thank you, friends! Tara, overdrive!




If you are thinking who is Dyann Severo , one of the official photographers in our trip, I forgot to introduce her. She is a UP Manila Organizational Communication Graduate. Currently, she works for World Health Organization.  Add her on Facebook if you want to have a travel buddy!


Dyann Severo

Erwin Adami

Hanzel Nathaniel Gapayao – visit his blog at Docent sans Walls.

Lei Linsangan

6 Responses to “Staycation not: With CCPeeps and Friends in Zambales”
  1. Hanzel the Docent says:

    : Si kit (a.k.a Jayson) yata ang nagsabi ng “what happens in Zambales, stays in zambales.” 🙂 anyway, thanks for the blog! cool read.

  2. majorantok says:

    Wahahahahah!!!! Baby boy stop overexposing me! I can do that without you preempting me. Wahaha!!!! Nice blog. Why didn’t go surfing? You skipped that part. Did anyone kiss anyone? Hmmm… This must be the downside of sleeping before everyone else did.

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