Pseudogirlfriend. This is what she said

Last night, when I was reading university confession files on Facebook, I was encouraged by a post to use Omegle again. I used it every weekend. Omegle is a text and video chat platform over the web where you can get to talk to a stranger. But the thing is, you shared the same interests because Omeglebot will try to find someone who has the same likes and interests as yours, sync in to your opened Facebook account in another tab.

I landed to the Omegle site, adding my interests with girls, UP Diliman. First try, Omegle flashed that we both like girls. So, first thing that came to my mind is to talk to that stranger what are we looking for girls. Unfortunately, the stranger I talked to wanted a meetup with me which I don’t do. News about crimes and killings because of social media scared me a lot. Second refresh, Omeglebot gave me another stranger. The stranger asked me if I am a male or female. I replied male then he/she disconnected. I wasn’t sure if he/she was a boy/girl because Omeglebot only flashed that we both liked Ateneo de Manila Files and The UST Files. Bored. No one to talk to. I don’t know why Omeglebot didn’t give me any stranger from UP Diliman.

For the third try and probably, the last try I made was pretty awesome. This last try made me not to use Omegle again last night, for that night. Omegle flashed that we both liked The UST Files. Assumption of mine that the new stranger was a Thomasian.

I was the one who messaged him/her. I realized that she was a female. I told her some experience I had before I talked to her. I said that past few strangers just wanted to have a MOMOL (Make Out Make Out Lang). She even misunderstood what I had just said to her because she thought that that was I wanted at that point. I immediately corrected her.

I asked her if she has a boyfriend. Then she replied, non-verbatim, “Will you give me?”. Without her waiting, I immediately said “yes” then laughed.

We talked about our courses. She is a Pharmacy student from UST. I said wow for that matter. He asked where I was studying and told her what course I am taking.

We also talked about Paskuhan and Lantern Parade, two  of the most awaited events in both schools. I was happy to know that Paskuhan and Lantern Parade are happening in different dates. Maybe, an invite from my high school friend who is studying there  will be my reason of going. Or, her invite would be the best.

Our conversation never stopped. Then, I don’t know what came to my mind and to myself when I asked her if it was okay if I consider her as my girl for just a short period of time after killing the chat. She just laughed then said, “Your pseudogirlfriend?”, non-verbatim. And our pseudorelationship started happily. But the narrator of Stranger than Fiction stroke her words of “little did he know” to me, too. I knew little, indeed. But I don’t want to end this pseudostory, I mean, this happy story between us the stranger. It’s more than a stranger. You are more than a stranger to me.

Guess what. I started talking to you because I know that I gave the link of my blog. When I gave it to you, you told me that you nearly asked for it. What a chance. You even said that I was reading your mind, maybe.

When I gave my blog to you, you asked me to keep telling a story. Any story. I told you about my friends and barkada who keep on teasing me about having no girl. I underestimated myself while you were kept on boosting my confidence.

Then the Stranger than Fiction-like narrator came back just to say that I should tell to the stranger, I mean to my pseudogirlfriend the truth about my age.

I told her. Then the stranger became whom I used to know.

I realized that Omegle changed the way I disclose myself.

PS. My pseudogirlfriend commented in one of the posts here. You. We can be friends. Not pseudo anymore.

PS2. Sorry. I know that you usually read books, articles, etc written in Filipino.

3 Responses to “Pseudogirlfriend. This is what she said”
  1. pseudogirlfriend says:

    Sorry na dear. My internet connection got all shitty that night, Omegle suddenly got disconnected. I truly am sorry. 😦

  2. mc says:

    “You. We can be friends. Not pseudo anymore.” That phrase. Whoa. Haha! This post is nice. Keep it up! 🙂

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