Your not so typical bromantic story

I have this friend of mine who disclosed his bromantic story. Okay, I used bromantic because he has this weird but cool and happy relationship with another guy. But the thing is, relationship is not what you are thinking right now, as in the absolute thing. The word is very subjective in a sense that there are so many types of relationships out there. Or else, I am wrong to say that my friend has a bromantic relationship. Maybe, just a relationship.

So, here’s my friend secret and I don’t want you to spread it like the word of God. I don’t want to break our friendship just because of blogging his story right here. By the way, speaking of God, He has made a purpose of meeting a guy with another guy.

Sadly, I am sorry to say that my friend doesn’t want to disclose his name to you guys because Facebook is there, Google is there. So, I decided to name my friend as Jr.

The photo is not JR with his friend. I saw it on Google because the two guys' height is quite the same with JR's and his friend. From: from

The photo is not JR with his friend. I just saw it on Google. From:

One night when Jr is about to sleep and about to sign out his Skype account, an orange notification pulls him back. This means that someone sends a message. It came from just one of his more than 10 but less than 30 contacts in the said online text and video chat platform. He replies back and he receives an immediate response.

He answers that three letter A S L question from the sender. He asks that back and receives a fast answer.

After that, their conversation is now full of interview-like questions as in like, some personal information, hobbies, interests, school, love and the wholesome of them all, sex.

Sex. I think there is nothing wrong about guys talking about sex. But when Jr told that very part of his story or their story, I was surprised a little. Talking one’s sex life to a stranger? That’s one of the weirdest thing you can do. “But what care you?” says Jr. “He is just a stranger that doesn’t what to give a f*cking care, too about it.”

Well, there is no stranger than fiction as Jr and his guy friend creates a seemingly fictional story that can be turned into a reality. Little did they know.

Going back to Jr’s story, he and his guy friend became close together. They know each other “unperfectly unwell”. They know each other’s secret that their friends don’t even know about. How do you say, “nagkapalagayang loob” in English? I don’t think it has a direct translation because you can’t express some Filipino words into English as cultures are different. Ugh. This story makes so academical. Anyway, that’s what perfectly describes them at that time, until now, maybe.

You know, Skype has a hidden “gift” that Jr and his friend take as an opportunity. Before doing the onanistic thing individually, Jr has now a buddy to practice onanism via satellite, via web, via webcam. This is aside from the usual chatting between two people.

The pleasure of seeing and hearing his friend’s encouraging words and sounds and howls adds up to happiness that Jr is feeling at that time. I don’t know if Jr is exaggerating his story or their story or not. Because how Jr told everything between them has full of emotions. Mix emotions as should describes it.

Wow. Jr is fascinated about their relationship. Mind you, Jr has a girlfriend who, as far as I know and what I see, is really loved by him. Jr is just overwhelmed, maybe, about the things happening to him or to them. Jr is just expressing these uncommon feelings.

Well, even guy bestfriends learn how to love their bestfriends. Love as in like, against all odds; time; cheat mate, maybe; love adviser; financial problem solver and others.

Jr and his friend also became textmates. He receives messages encouraging him to go online to talk about the days and do the you-know-what thing. But unfortunately, Jr told me that they seldom talk the past few days because he is so busy. I would attest to that.

By the way, Jr’s friend’s name is Jv.

12 Responses to “Your not so typical bromantic story”
  1. maki says:

    nice bromance

  2. maki says:

    astig nung nka-eye glass =) hehe

  3. maki says:

    wow nmn ngreply po ang blogger salamat! haha mejo naalala ko tuloy kaibigan ko

  4. maki says:

    tapos na saka my mga ka-grupo po ako kya hindi mahirap at hindi toxic.

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