Of Smack and CR Hopping

If you guys have been following JR’s and JV’s story of bromance (no, it’s only one post ahead!), you are on your right way to continue reading this exciting and not-so-wholesome story of them. If you haven’t read it yet, you can free to discover their story here: Your not so typical bromantic story

Anyway, since JR and JV become textmates and chatmates, JV asks JR for a meetup. You know, friends and lovers need a face-to-face communication – the personal one. I forgot when did JV tell his wish to JR because I’m not genius with dates. You know, sometimes dates are not as important as the event happened on that date. JR told me that they decided to meet after New Year (January 1). So, they met the day after. Isn’t that just yesterday? Okay, the story or this story of JR is fresh.

JV set the time and place – 13:30, Mall #1. Unfortunately, my friend JR told me that he arrives 14:15 at their meeting place. Since JV is so kind or else he is just sarcastic about it, JR is forgiven. Who would try to mess up someone’s first time personal meeting? No one. So, everything just happened right.

By the way, do you remember when I was surprised when JR told me that he talked a wholesome thing called sex with a stranger who eventually is JV? Yeah! That thing really surprised me. But, this story of them rocks my world and my innocent on things. I don’t know that JR did it for the purpose of making JV happy. Nah, that is so sweet. JR will probably face his death if his girlfriend knows about his experience.

Inside the dark movie house

JR and JV meet at Mall #1. They eat at the king of burgers. JV is so rich that he answers the food. No doubt about it. JV has white and smooth complexion, wears branded clothes and branded bonnet. Add to that is a branded leather wallet. Believe me guys, JV is so rich. Branded belongings would attest to that. (Insert the laugh you imagined from me, friends!)

After they ate, JR is jokingly telling that he wants to go home already. That adds to the laughs they had for like n hours of being together. To spend the hours of being together and to make things go sweet to them, JR and JV watch a movie. You know, movie date for that matter.

JR told me that they choose to watch a horror movie so that the environment inside the movie house is dark. Hmm, dark. Maybe, you are thinking right now what happened there.

What happened there is totally a big stranger to my innocence (redundant here). They sit in the most back place and darkest place inside the movie house. And to cut this first ‘exciting’ story short, they just feel each other’s heat. The sparks are energetically coming out from their bodies just like the fireworks fired in the sky. Of course, they don’t sex. What the F! Who can sex inside a movie house full of people? What positions would partners do if this happens? No way! What they only do is touching the hottest part in their body. Their muscular system is doing its job. And I don’t know how many calories have escaped from their body.

Next thing happened totally rocks my world. Okay, let me ask you first, what would be your reaction if you see guys kissing?  But what if you see yourself kissing someone with same sex as yours? At first, you would totally be surprised and let you do the sign of the cross. But if you realize that because they are lovers and some intimate relationship they have, you would probably understand. However, I can’t believe that JR kissed a guy. JR is my friend. I know him. JR is the kind of guy who you cannot imagine doing it. But when JR was telling me the story, he blushed and then laughed. And what he said? Just to experience the thing. Okay. Calling JR’s girlfriend and kill him now!

The Nearly-Reaching-the-Peak-inside-the-Taxi Story

After this story, I was expecting that it was the last but I was wrong. Because after Mall #1, they go to Mall #2. JV is going to buy something from a kid’s store and the nearest mall from Mall #1 that you can find that store is Mall #2.

But before I forget, in Mall #1 after they watched the movie, they decided to go home already. JV is going to Mall #2 because of the purpose stated above. Since JR is living just near Mall #2, JV encourages my friend to come with him in the taxi. As I have said, JV is so rich that he can afford to ride a taxi.

While riding in the taxi, something surprising (again) happened. What happened in the movie house has been repeated INSIDE THE TAXICAB. What the F! The driver missed something, probably as JR said that the driver is just driving. They reach Magallanes or Buendia and JV starts to feel the ‘hottest part’ in JR’s body. My friend is turned on on what JV’s doing to him. And to add some heavenly feeling, JV put a hand soap. Ugh. Don’t be turn on, too, in this part of this story! Sorry if you are. JR told me that he nearly reached the Mt. Everest. Had it been to the taxi driver that drives so fast, JR would have been messed up. Thanks to the driver and thanks to JV’s being late doing the thing.

Of Smack and CR Hopping

JR and JV enter Mall #2 and the first thing they do is taking the comfort room. JV needs to clean his bare hands from playing the bare what.

After that, they had a cupcake date to compensate the n number of calories jump out in doing the things.

Then, JV tells JR that he wants to take the comfort room again but this time, in the Mall #3. Mall #2 and Mall #3 are few walks away. Their feet bring them to the fourth floor of the mall. No other people around in that comfort room so JV asks my friend to come with him and give another try for kissing. That did not happen because JR does not like to do it and there is someone entered the room. Failure #1 for cr hopping.

Failure #2 and #3 happened in the department store. No kissing between them. But who believes that there is no hope? Malls are too big to have a number of comfort rooms in one floor. So, after when JV realizes that the kid’s store in Mall #2 has no available product of what he is seeking, of whom JR is with him, they again seek for another comfort rooms. This time, it is perfect enough to do what they want to do with no one bothers them. For JR, it is the best kiss he had with JV, prejudging the fact that they had a couple of kissing in different comfort rooms ahead of this. Of course, JR has this disclaimer that his girlfriend is the best kisser in the world. I guess, I mark this as Success #1 cr hopping. Boo his girlfriend who is a friend of mine, too.

I just realized that this story is too long to read now. To cut this, JR was blushing again when he told me that he really enjoyed being with JV. Not because of the kissing, not because of the taxi story nor the movie house experience but because of the company he felt with JV. This is especially true, according to him, when my friend and JV had a walk to Mall #4.  This is just a guy story for you but this is special.

By the way, they had a goodbye smack in Mall #3.

Basorexic. Definition from http://urbandictionary.com

Basorexic. Definition from http://urbandictionary.com

And by the way, the smack is also important to tell here because they make this thing to laugh. Because when JV is telling that he wants to do a kiss (a torrid one), he would tell to JR that he wants a smack. Because for JV, smack is torrid.


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    very informative at the same time!

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