Sha, the shef

Since I was a kid, I believed that time heals all wounds and time changes everything. But at the end of the day, time is just a part of our life because what we are now and what we will be someday are the results of our choice. Apparently, this is not related to this new post.

Anyway, I obviously missed posting some personal stories of mine these past few months. I just really don’t know what to post. But when my mind thought something, I consider the importance of posting that something.

So, here I am again writing both to impress and entertain you. And I consider this with utmost importance. I just want you guys to hear and read another Omegle story of mine. I hope, this virtual experience will turn into reality unlike my first post about my first Omegle experience.

Last night, because boredom speaks louder than words in my mind to turn into paper I was doing, I opened the online chat site called, Omegle. After some few tries of looking for a female to talk to because of many males along the way, I had the time to chat with someone which obviously is the reason for me to work on this post.

Her name is Sha. I don’t want you to know some other of the basic facts about her because there would be a tendency for you guys to trace her. I don’t even know what her Facebook is or where she does live. I don’t want for you to become the first to know than do I (laughs. Lol).

But what I want you to know about her is the thing that made me laugh during our long conversation and teased her sarcastically and jokingly. When I said that I know how to swim, she immediately opened up that she didn’t know how but she wanted to know how. I, on the other hand, kept on saying advices and some words of encouragement to practice more how to swim.

While I was doing that, she told me her bad experiences about swimming during her swimming class. That she always hold on to the gutter, that she was thrown of a stone for her to get into the water and that she always struggle especially in deep part. And these experiences of her made me to laugh so hard. I was even laughed to death.

When she was telling me the story, I imagined her. I imagined myself being on that scene watching her struggles. I imagined her crying and her panicky face after. We exchanged photos which was why I had the idea of her.

She is beautiful, by the way but she personally said that she was not slim and that working out is but a significant thing to do.

I really appreciate her. At that point in time, even at this point in time, I never really based my appreciation to her because she is beautiful or she is slim or any body statistics she has. I appreciate her because I know, from our conversation, that she is one of the rarest gals out there who is easy to love and could give you the love you would ever imagine non-existing.

Unfortunately, this love, love, love I am talking about will never be given to me because she has already one who could receive the best kind of love she could give. But, I immediately said sorry after I heard that there was a problem going on between her love. Then, I said that I hope things will be okay between them.

By the way, Sha will definitely be a future, well-known chef and I just want to request from her to taste the food of love.

2 Responses to “Sha, the shef”
  1. The Shef says:

    Whoaaaaaaaa.. I was expecting “I miss you too!” not this.. Wow seriously? :O but youre still mean 😛 you have a fan page in FB pala. I liked it! And btw.. If you don’t mind 🙂 I used this article’s photo as my cover photo. Thank you VJ! :*

    • PJ Rock A. Palma says:

      Really? Ang pangit nga ng pagka-edit ko. Hehe.
      Pero thank you at sa paglike. Pa’no ba yan. Malalaman ko na
      ung Facebook mo. Hehe. Biro lang.

      Salamat ulit at ingat!

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