UP not the best

Much has been said about the University of the Philippines. But, the people were never told about the things that some of them might not consider UP, the country’s premier university that has the most number of CHED’s Center of Excellence, as the best school in the country. Below are the reasons.











‘Nuff said.

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    I am a proud UP graduate. 🙂 The following post is quite amusing. 🙂

    1. PJ Rock A. Palma says:

      I am soon a graduate of UP. Thank you !

      1. Haha, enjoy your remaining time in college!!! 🙂

      2. And grabe, I didn’t expect to get so many views after reblogging your post! 😀

  2. evilgenius15 says:

    i find this blog post offensive lels XDDDDD

  3. Inah says:

    I was kinda thinking because of some legit student issues we are facing but THIS IS REALLY AMUSING HAHAHA

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    I agree.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Not all UP students are all that. Not all UP campuses are all that. I have to give it to UP Diliman and Manila, but the others? Not so. Plus not all students are great. Some have talent test degrees, strings (I know someone who wasn’t that smart but was able to get into UP Dil because his grandfather was prominent figure in UP).

    I respect UP and I do agree that UP Dil’s the best in the country, but I wish the students would not go around and think of themselves as gods (or highly, I’m exaggerating). At the end of the day, it will all boil down to who’s the best person. You can graduate with Latin honors from UP, it doesn’t mean you get a secured future. Develop your personality, strive to be a better person, not on feeding your ego.

    1. Anonymous too says:

      i think this blog was majorly written to amuse

    2. yinupingyupi says:

      I just love this. I love you.

    3. anonymous says:

      I agree to this. Well-said.

    4. sklkndfwm says:


    5. Farrah says:

      To the one who said it’s only Diliman and Manila, learn the system first. When applying for a job, the campus is not being considered. Some students in regional campuses are even brighter than the main’s. Fact.

      1. yvonne says:


      2. lll says:

        True dat.

      3. smile says:

        Some students in regional campuses are even brighter than the main’s. Fact. BUT….
        Most students in Diliman and Manila campuses are brighter than in regionals. Fact too. What’s the point of UPG cut-off? The best students are cornered in Diliman and Manila. Those students who failed in Diliman and Manila setted in regional because its the next best thing to them. UP pa rin ika nga.

      4. ailene maguad says:

        I strongly agree…

      5. Farrah says:

        Smile, I DEFINITELY DISAGREE. Does UP Diliman offer Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine? How many institutes in Diliman or considered centers of excellence and development? Are all courses in Diliman quota courses?

        Look, take for example the graduates of Pisay and DOST-accredited schools. They are required to take science-related courses making it hard for them to make it to Diliman’s quota courses, hence they have no choice but to take other campuses’ co-equal course when in fact most of these people even have higher UPG than other Diliman passers. Don’t agree? Go find yourself some tap from the Registrar.

        Again, it’s not about any campus or what. Admit it or not, when thrown in the real world, Diliman doesn’t own all the glory.

      6. Dvmsoon says:

        Diliman and Manila do not have veterinary medicine, agri-related courses and forestry. Therefore, there would be no comparison between campuses regarding this fields. #OneUP

    6. discriminating other campuses is not good. what’s wrong with the other UP campuses? we are one UP. same subjects are taught with the same standards. it’s just that the other campuses are young unlike diliman and manila so u shouldn’t stereotype and imply the the other campuses are not as good as diliman and manila.

      1. It’s actually not about being stereotypical or whatever. I think what he’s trying to say is that few or more of the UP students are a bunch of egoists. I respect the fact that they pass and they go to such a prestige university, but just like he said, don’t think highly of yourselves. I know a few peers who passed the UPCAT and became airbags. I respect you as a student of the country’s best university, but you may never know, someone better than you begs for alms and never got the chance to be educated. Don’t be so full of yourselves, that’s all. Never look down on other universities, ’cause it’s never about the school, it’s always about how you build up yourself and stand on your own feet. Don’t brag, ’cause you’re not the only university who can produce one of the country’s finest. Sarcastically, you’re showing humility at it’s finest.

      2. smile says:

        Bat di ka magtanong sa mga applicants why the first choice has always been Diliman in spite of the fact same courses are offered in other regionals? In fact mas malaki ang chance makapasok sa UP kung regional kesa Diliman dahil mas mababa ang UPG cut-off.

      3. Farrah says:

        Smile, many high school students opt to choose Diliman or Manila as first choice campus because of the notion that Metro Manila is the haven for better career. But, it does not imply that other campuses are inferior than the main. Bicolanos, for example, have no choice but to select Diliman and Los Banos because there is no regional campus in Bicol. Of course, everyone would advise them to get Diliman as first choice and Los Banos as buffer. The higher UPG requirement can be simply equated to the volume of students choosing a particular campus and course. UP is UP, and it’s just one.

      4. anonymous din daw says:

        UP was praised as the country’s best University because we did all we could do to show them the Honor and Excellence that we wanted to uphold. It’s not like we worked our way up by complimenting our own works. It wasn’t us who gave us the title of being the country’s best University. It was given to us because we gave them all the reasons to. So I think it’s quite unfair of you to tell us that we are egoists. Because if you look closely, there are far more egoist people in other Universities. Maybe we really are proud because we go in the University. But may I remind you that we try so hard to not pull down other universities to escalate ourselves. Rather, we praise our fellow iskos and iskas. We don’t say,”I think UP is the best kasi natalo namin ang ADMU e. Kami number 1 e.” But rather we say,”I feel so proud because UP is again on the top.” As much as possible we try not to drag names of other universities. Try asking students from other universities though. Because much of the people that I see who are really egoists come from those different schools. And regarding the issue about the Regional campuses being not that good compared to Manila and Diliman? The UP Visayas Marketing Students won a Marketing Research contest. Universities and Colleges from all over the country joined including Diliman. And they won. Not UP DILIMAN but UP VISAYAS. Now tell me that the Regional campuses have nothing against the bigger campuses? Please. Look inside the system first before saying anything like that. Try going to the other campuses first. Wag kayong magsalita ng patapos porke’t nakatungtong na kayo sa Diliman, Manila at Los Banos at hanggang balita lang kayo sa regional campuses.

      5. Earle Abrenica says:

        I’m from UP MANILA and I believe that each campus has their own specialty. You really can’t compare them if the only campus offering law is Diliman, the only campus offering Medicine is Manila, Agriculture and Vet Med can only be found in Los Banos… and so forth. I’m proud of my alma mater UP MANILA, but I am just as proud of the accomplishments of the other campuses. UP IS UP kahit saan ka man nanggaling,

      6. Pedro says:

        UPLB & UPD offers same course like B.S. Statistics but curriculum are different at mas madali sa Diliman ang equivalent major subject sa Stat. I know coz I cross enrolled twice.

    7. anonymous says:

      have you been to other campuses???

    8. Someone you don't know says:

      Hahaha! Really? While UPD and UP Manila are definitely great campuses, have you ever taken a GE summer course in any other campus? Try UP Baguio and watch your GE average go dooooown.

    9. Fine Artist says:

      If you’re from UP alam mong hindi tamang sabihin yung “not all students are great” tapos sasabihin mo yung reason na kasi yung iba talent test lang. Talent test degree holder nga diba ibigsabihin napatunayan niya yung talent niya. At please lang, kahit sino ka wala ka sa lugar para magsabi na hindi magaling ang isang tao.

    10. anonymous says:

      oh no. not really. i think it depends on the course you are taking. that is why there are the so called “center of excellence” dude. UPLB is outstanding in producing agriculture (and related courses) and forestry graduates. UPM is particularly good in medicince, UPD is for literature and politics UPV is for fisheries etc… you just have to choose wisely which school does best in every course. UPLB always has a hundred percent passing in the electrical engineering board exams.
      How dare you discriminate other UP campuses with such insufficient knowledge about the UP system.

      I understand you cannot bare how the other UP students feed their ego. But there’s such thing as school pride. most are just proud because they think they deserve to be. But what you are doing is D-I-S-C-R-I-M-I-N-A-T-I-N-G which is quite offending, don’t you think?

      1. anonymousdude says:

        Dude, someone should really knock some senses into you. Pretty much every UP student DISCRIMINATES other universities. How come? Who wouldn’t? You feed your egos so much, it pretty much baffles me as to the purpose of your stay there. Do you really want to study? Or do you just want to smack to other’s faces how smart you are? ‘Cause that’s how I see it. I think it’s time UP students know that whenever they get criticized, they don’t get criticized at all. And, in return, they criticize other schools seven-fold. You never get discriminated, people just get so fed up of you being egoistic, that’s all. Plus, you always think of yourselves so highly. You may have a lot of COEs and no CODs, but you’re not the only university with COE. We have UST, DLSU, Ateneo, CLSU, and so many more. They may not be as “excellent” as you, still, they produce quality education. We may have insufficient knowledge as to how your programs and campuses run, but we do know this, it’s time you guys stop with the nonsense egoism.

      2. anonymousdude says:

        P.S. We have our school prides too. Stop deteriorating it.

      3. AnonymousG says:

        Kuya/Ate, masyado ka namang na-offend. Haha. The purpose of this post was not to discriminate other schools or whatsoever. Ngayon, kung na-iinggit ka, eh di gumawa ka ng sa inyo. 🙂

      4. anonymouschick says:

        “I think it’s time UP students know that whenever they get criticized, they don’t get criticized at all.”

        Ano daw?? Shet baka nga hindi best school in the Philippines ang UP, di ko naintindihan comment ni koya ehh.

      5. anonymouschick says:


        “..knock some *SENSE,” not SENSES. Many of us have all our senses intact, thanks. 🙂

      6. fab_maroon says:

        paano naman kita hindi kita idi-discriminate, eh wrong grammar ka na nga, lion ka pa? –“P.S. We have our school PRIDES too..”

        “Stop deteriorating it.” — you have yourself to thank for that.

    11. wearashirt says:

      Madaming na-o-offend, pero guilty ako kasi ako rin sobrang yabang kong UP grad minsan. Well, at least sa isipan ko. PASINTABI na lang po sa mga hindi taga-UP. Anyway lagi naman kaming talo sa UAAP basketball, tapos may nasasaksak/nakkidnap every other year, so yun, tapos 35-50k lang ang sweldo ng assistant prof to prof.

      Milyon naman ang research funding. HAHA sarreh

    12. anonymous says:

      dude. don’t you have a sense of humor? it’s kind of obvious that this post was meant to amuse people, mainly those from the UP system. and besides, who are you to discriminate regional campuses? i’m pretty sure you’re not a product of the UP system.

      DISCRIMINATION. i dare you to show your face on regional campuses. i double dare you.

      1. anonymous says:


    13. bimbo says:

      do you even know how hard it is to feel proud about up’s achievements, as a up student? mostly are egoistic? c’mon! alam mo bang halos everyday ako nakakakita ng students from other universities na proud sa kani-kanilang school whenever they’ve achieved something and yet no one thinks of them as ‘mayabang’. but kapag isang up student ang nagsabing proud sila
      sa school school nila, mayabang na agad. every student has the right to be proud of his/her school. shut up.

      1. anonymous says:

        Agree. It seems some people are just plaon stupid. Why compare one from the other when UP is UP irregardless of thw campus

    14. anonymous says:

      malamang di to tagaUP. bitter. hehehe.

      1. up says:

        like na like

      2. fab_maroon says:

        super like na like

    15. Nick Nitro says:

      It would also help to not think of the Manila campuses as the better campuses. 🙂

    16. Donya Miranda Hidalgo says:

      Why don’t you develop your own personality first before saying anything to students from other UP campuses?

      *back dive* *split* *exit*

    17. anonymousdin says:

      wow… thank you for your humility… *sarcastic* ( bitter much.. haha..)

    18. Anonymous tree says:

      “Like Manila and Diliman”? Develop your own personality first and think about this kind of discrimination.

    19. Vom Bi says:

      “Stereotyping..” tsktsk

    20. Gigi says:

      The question is, have you ever studied in UP? Yes? Then the second question is, have you ever studied in ALL of the UP campuses?

      If you answered no sa first question, wala po kayong karapatan to judge.
      If you still answered no sa second question, mas wala pong karapatan.

      Just like sa other universities, walang karapatan ang kahit sino to judge the school. Aryt? Lalo na kung hindi ka naman dun nag aral.

    21. Limuel says:

      maka-others naman to? check the passing rates of UP campuses in PRC-administered licensure exam. UP Los Banos actually does better than UP Diliman and UP Manila. Lahat ng campus, may kanya-kanyang area of specialization. alam yan ng mga UP students kaya wag mong maliitin ang mga graduates sa regional campus. check it out here http://www.finduniversity.ph/philippine-universities-ranking/

      National Artists – marami nyan sa UP DIliman
      National Scientist – mas marami nyan sa UP Los Banos
      UP Manila is the center of excellence in health sciences
      UP Diliman is for social sciences
      UP Los Banos is for agriculture and related sciences
      UP Baguio – cordilleras studies
      UP Visayas – fisheries

  7. Niobe Vidal says:

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    Well said!

    1. Nothing to crow about UP being the best school in the Philippines. Today, it is only about 60th in rank in ASIA. In fact, we should be alarmed why before Martial Law, UP was ranked second-best to the University of Tokyo, ranked lst among the top 10 universities in Asia.

      1. Farrah says:

        With the decreasing budget for state-funded education, you should at least be happy that UP is still standing proud to assert for the best quality of education it can offer from its limited resources. We’re not there, but we’ll get there again.

      2. muke says:

        ok lng yan pre…ang sabi namn the best school in the philippines e…problema kasi walang budget like other universities in asia o sa buong mundo man…kaya nagkakaganun ang ranking…basta ang mahalaga..sa pilipinas nagunguna parin…hi five pre

      3. fab_maroon says:

        while that may be true, its already an achievement in that we still manage to come out on top with what little budget is appropriated for us. imagine if we had resources similar to, say Stanford? matter of perspective and perseverance.

  8. Project 55 says:

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    Couldn’t agree more. 😉

  9. I can think of one: it is when humility is missing and we end up being arrogant (and boastful) about being the best. My two cents. Cheers!

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    This is precious! Lol.

  11. Ian says:

    I thought you had to highlight the list (baka lang naka-white font). Haha!

    1. Diane says:

      I tried. And I was disappointed. Then I cried. (OA lang. Hahahaha.)

  12. nbdmats says:

    humility at its finest! haha!

  13. ang yabang pa rin natin…..

  14. Farrah says:

    Call it boasting, but for me, the only reason why UP students tend to be extra proud of their school is the fact that everyone expects a lot from us. That’s the best way for us to compensate all the pressure we receive from the professors and from the academic system itself. And that’s the reason why we can take any pressure when we are already in the real world. Fact.

    To the one who said it’s only Diliman and Manila, learn the system first. When applying for a job, the campus is not being considered. Some students in regional campuses are even brighter than the main’s. Fact.

    1. muke says:

      tama ka jan farrah..nakaka asar lng me nalalman pang not so..all campus ng UP the best..hehehehe

    2. anonymoussssssssss says:


  15. nmc says:

    When i saw this link, nag isip din ako… Pero wala ako maisip.. Given a chance, sa UP parin ako mag aaral.. Lels

  16. Reblogged. A UP student, indeed!

  17. sanjie29 says:

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  18. The _Inspector says:

    The font color was white and I had to highlight the whole article to read all the 10 reasons. Very interesting and well said!

  19. Jinggle says:

    I wonder why the title of this article is 10 reasons when there’s not even a single one listed.

    Guess this shows that UP alumni/students can’t count properly and that’s the the reason the author is citing why UP’s not the best school in the Philippines? :\

    1. yvonne says:

      weee, di ka nakapasa sa UP ano?

      1. -_- says:

        Grabe conclusion di agad nakapasa na UP di pwedeng ateneo ang 1st choice?

    2. anonymous says:

      ohemgee. malamang di tagaUP. hahaha

      1. NotFromUP says:

        ang yabang. ayan. ayan kaya kayo napapagkamalang boastful. porket di maganda ang comment di agad UP? so mas mababa lahat ng universities sa inyo?

      2. anonymouschick says:

        Uhh.. hindi dahil “di maganda” kaya nalaman namin na di taga UP, kundi dahil hindi niya naintindihan yung artikulo, pero nakuha pa rin niyang sumatsat.

    3. fab_maroon says:


  20. Palpalatok says:

    Wait, No. 11 reason:


  21. Vicente P. Del Carmen says:

    Hey, Coward (aka Anonymous)! Where, in hell’s name, did you ever get the notion that UP Diliman and UP Manila are the only ones doing well? Nincompoop! UP Los Banos is, in fact, even better than UP Diliman. You must never underestimate the capabilities of the regional units of the UP System. I do agree with the contention, however, that we really have nothing to crow about because the UP System can’t even make it to to the top 50 in the Asian rankings.

    1. Jas Garcia says:

      Dude, no need to say one campus is better than the other. I think it would be better to state that all UP units are at par with each other. Hahahha

      1. francisco k. Milla III says:

        Yes. I strongly agree.

    2. avy says:

      natawa lang ako na nagalit ka kay Anon dahil minaliit nya ang (I’m guessing) your campus. Eh you did the same way to UP Diliman. Sige, tawa na lang ako

  22. bryan yves says:

    REALITY CHECK PO! KAHIT AKO’Y ISANG ISKO RIN, IMHO: 1. UP falls short to Maritime/ TechVoc Schools in terms of producing dollar earner graduates- instead, lots of potential students were maimed by the system. 2. The environment is psychologically harsh and contradict a variety of Learning Theories. 3. Teachers are egocentric. 4. More of Competition instead of Collaboration. 5. The “Best” teacher is evaluated in terms of Scholarship Works and not based on authentic classroom instruction. 6. Research outputs seem to not improve our lives so far in the Philippines. 7. A lot of politicians with bad reputation are from UP. 8. Intelligent Students are selected via UPCAT- a true test of teaching skills is when you teach low performing students and made improvements. 9. Not all UP graduates especially in the graduate school really excel in the workplace suggesting inconsistencies with their measurements of competence. 10. Survival-of-the-fittest culture does not nurture a student. IF YOU STILL BELIEVE YOU ARE A PRODUCT OF THE BEST UNIVERSITY, THEN KEEP ON BELIEVING BUT ON MY ACCOUNT, I AM A PRODUCT OF MY OWN STRUGGLES!

    1. JP says:

      So basically you are making a “UP education” vs “own struggles” dichotomy? 1. How is that mutually exclusive? You may graduate from UP and still go through personal challenges. If fact, the concentration of UP students having to go through their “own struggles” is higher than other good schools in the Philippines like Ateneo and La Salle because of the proportion of students from lower income families. All are equally good schools, but a lot more UP students have to deal with their “own struggles”. 2. Now, examine a mutually exclusive paradigm where you only have either a “UP education” or your “own struggles”. Let’s see which one will be more valuable in for instance being hired as an engineer in a company? How is your “own struggles” enough of a substitute for proper education, enabling you to be professionally competent? Magtayo ka nga ng oil rig with “own struggles” alone.

      1. bryan yves says:

        Sorry my friend, UP is only a school than can give me the certification I need, until I realized I could still be functionally competent even if I get these certificates from a different school that is more student friendly and with a nurturing environment. What’s in a name??? In fact I learned more outside the classroom in my 14 years (undergrad and post grads) in UP. How can UP mold me if I only study at home and comes to class every exam schedules? I adopted this strategy since I don’t find the majority of my teachers good at teaching at all (maybe 90%). It was struggle and my concept of self efficacy as I was facing the harsh challenges UP that made me who I am. Graduating with UP diplomas is my choice because there are plenty of people like you who are soooo intooo UPiiiiiiii! My regret is, I could have contributed more to National economy if I studied for only 4 years in a maritime school.

    2. JL says:

      I cannot agree more. This is the best comment so far and definitely should replace the original list. LOL.

      PS. I’m from UP Diliman, and despite having a great “college life” experience (mainly due to friends), I’ve always hated the overrated UP system and its arrogance. The only reason I’m excited to graduate is due to surviving no. 10 on this list!

    3. fab_maroon says:

      you are a selfish ingrate bryan yves… we never said we were perfect, neither did we say the best.

      your conjectures greatly insult the countless generations of iskolars ng bayan who, through their hard work and dedication, collectively made this institution one of the best in the country — as evaluated by third-party organisations and not self-praise mind you.

      1. bryan yves says:

        No name calling please.. just try to falsify each of my 10 reasons.. it’s just an opinion anyway.. an honest one. if you can’t even give at least 1 reason why UP is not the best school in the Philippines, you are the most boring creature on earth- so uncritical, atypical of a true UPnean!

  23. muke says:

    nakakatawa namn yung comment nung isa na UP Diliman at UP Manila lang ang binaggit niya and others not so pa daw..ok ka lang?baka di mo alam ang performance ng UP Los Banos…try mong mag research…

  24. Dante says:

    i don’t think it’s the best school, but I agree is one of the best. I think that there is no best school. Each school have their own “specialty”. I do agree that you have to be academically inclined to be in UP (in majority). That is one of their ways to screen the applicants. You are a scholar once you are in UP

    1. fab_maroon says:

      Dante, alam ko na “specialty” ng school mo, GRAMMAR.

  25. As a UP graduate and a person working at UP right now. This is short sighted and biased. UP lacks facilities in every department. We lack skilled professors and have to rely on newly graduated students to fill in as instructors. The socialized tuition fee system is broken. Lines are always long. Processes are often inefficient. The one redeeming factor is that UP students are resourceful enough to excel even without what they need to reach their full potential. If there was a list of why UP is not the best, it wouldn’t end with 10 reasons but UP is the best for only one reason and that is the sheer collective resourcefulness of its students and faculty. Too bad too many of my fellows in UP are arrogant and entitled pricks now.

  26. Riri says:

    Guys, seriously?! Ano ba kayo at ang mentalidad ninyo?! Kahit sang campus basta’t pasok sa UP system!!! Ke, Diliman—Kung saan ako galing, o Manila o Los Banos—-lahat tayo mga isko at iska. Isa pa, pati naman bawat college within the system kanya-kanyang yabang at pamamaliit sa I bang mga colleges within the same campus.

    And yes, if you don’t understand why the blog was written the way it was written, chances are you didn’t go to UP… Where we laugh at everyone, including at ourselves. If you don’t understand why we’re so overly zealous and maangas when it comes to defending our alma mater, just listen to the lyrics of UP Naming Mahal, and let’s not forget: “Iskolar ng bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban!”

    Can we please get over the fact that we’re ranked so low—that isn’t the university’s fault—It’s the dwindling funds that the government sets aside for higher education(not just UP, but the other state colleges as well) that has had a major impact on the infrastructure and services for the students and faculty. Let’s focus on the bright side and how the UP grads that do attend post graduate courses to the higher ranking universities are doing a spectacular job!

    At the end of the day, it’s really not where you got your education/ degree… It’s how you use it in life. UP may not be the perfect school, but it suited me perfectly, and for that I am thankful.

    1. JL says:

      Mayaman ang UP whether the government puts a lot of money in its funds or not. Tuition fees and land leasing alone gives a rather sizable income (do you realize how big the UPD land area really is??). Many loyal alumni gives generous donations to their colleges, and students buy their own supplies and for many other services and activities they wish to pursue.
      Despite the government’s lack of education fund initiatives, the entire UP system could have pulled all their intellectual resources to develop projects involving many of their students and faculty members to raise funds for the purpose of maintaining the schools’ withering plumbing, facilities, and most importantly, the educational standards.

  27. 75-22078 says:

    Juvenile hambug? Wala man lang ni isa ang nagbigay-pugay kay JGV? Kahit man lang “with apologies to Jose Garcia Villa? Hmmmm…

  28. blaze says:

    ranks and the likes are for the ego of those who govern the university….the said rankings would never matter as long as the fruit and the tree remain strong. I am a proud iska and would always be. I am both happy and contented because the survival of the fittest thingy made me a better me. btw to the anymous whoever you are.! think before uttering such nonsense because regional campuses made quality education available to those who need it especially those who are deserving yet needed to find ways to get it

  29. Tonyo K says:

    Ang Yabang. In our time, this is the equivalent of this:
    There are only two universities in the Phils. The University of the Philippines and the rest.
    There are only two colleges in the University of the Philis. System: The College of (put in your college which in mine was Engineering and the rest.

    1. bystander says:

      Or UP and others. In UPM’s case about the best college, it only happens during lantern parade, I think. In my time, we were just too focused on our own world (clinical duties).

      It is just our school pride talking, not meant to belittle others.

      1. vince says:

        Or, during our time, INTRAMS!

  30. Humble_guy says:


  31. yep says:

    Urgh, I’ve seen this kind of post in Reddit. Keep ripping off like your fellow photographer.

  32. Lemme hear your UAAP greatness then?


    1. bystander says:

      I went to UP for 5 years then I worked in DLSU for 5 years then went back to study in UP. I’m rooting for both. ANIMO LA SALLE. U-NI-BER-SI-DAD NG PILIPINAS! #UAAP

    2. fab_maroon says:

      well, you can never have it all right? ; p

  33. Ray Bayo says:

    UP has given me bigger opportunities in life. For what I am today, I owe it from my alma mater UP Open U..

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    yeah. no reason 🙂

  36. Kin Enriquez says:

    I will report you to the UP Mass Comm for plagiarizing my post

  37. [R]andom[R]ey says:

    Grabe ang mga comments. Haha, basta ako, na-curious lang ako sa title. Nothing more, nothing less. Wala akong pake kung mas magaling ang UPDil o UPMan kesa sa ibang campuses. Basta ako, I aim to be a Filipino citizen who can help improve his own country, not self because I was not taught selfishness in UPMin hihihi 😛

  38. Reblogged this on pilosopong antukin and commented:

  39. ivangoghsia says:

    haha! nice one. anyway what does “best” really mean? 🙂 magaling, may puso; magaling na salbahe; hindi “magaling” na may puso; hindi “magaling” na salbahe….. madami niyan sa lahat ng schools. At the end of the day it’s more than the school…. it’s the Person 🙂

  40. miaara says:

    -proud UPV iska!

  41. holden scoldfield says:

    U.P. is the best school…and dami din corrupt na U.P. Alumni noh?…. yak nakakahiya sila! hahaha..buti nalang yung school institution hindi pa natatayuan ng SM – starbucks at mcdonalds. pero nakuha ng Ayala! its the best school talaga ever!

    1. fab_maroon says:

      uuhhm holden, pag nagtayo sa UP ng McDonald’s kukunin kitang crew o kaya kung SM naman, bagger sa SaveMore. DEAL?

  42. Triciah Z. says:

    ang corny ng article, sorry. too overused

  43. Anonymous says:

    I have never experienced being maltreated by UP Diliman or UP Manila students because I came from another campus. The standards in all campuses are one and the same because UP teachers are assigned from one campus to another every now and then. So in each campus, you have a combination of different faculty members coming from different campuses. Furthermore, if there are trainings and updates, the UP system makes sure that all campuses are well represented. The difference is not like Ateneo de Manila vs Ateneo de Davao, or La Salle Taft vs La Salle St Benilde. Gets?

  44. fairyprince says:

    Reblogged this on The Ending Page and commented:
    nuff said

  45. ICS says:

    Manila and Diliman only? Say that to the INSTITUTE OF COMPUTER SCIENCE – UP LOS BANOS. Yes, that’s with an ‘INSTITUTE’, not a Department. Home of the founders of Computer Science in the Philippines.

  46. iskolar says:

    After graduating from the university, I realized that having my UP diploma is an advantage but its not everything. I also worked with graduates from other universities and many of them are great people. Being part of the system is something to be proud of but it does not entitle you to talk bullsh*t. Nevertheless, act godlike.

  47. Sadly the seemingly best schools in RP cant compete with that of Asia’s (not to mention the world’s)…sorry

  48. Reblogged this on Manggugubat sa Siyudad and commented:
    Mister forester is definitely a proud Isko!

  49. kaylankonnor says:

    Sayang di ko naisipan mag UPCAT…kung naging estudyante sana ako dito madaming makikinig sa sasabihin ko… but sadly that’s the system

  50. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!” — Carl Sagan, Astronomer

    Although a joke, the OP is an idiot for posting this.

  51. “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence!” — Carl Sagan, Astronomer

  52. Will says:

    Relax UP students… Not long enough, when you enter the real world, you will soon find yourselves working for a non up grad. You will then realize that your school does not mean a thing. I dont believe there are best schools… There are only bright people, and not all of them went to UP. I went to FEU but now I have UP Ateneo and Lasalle grads report to me.You will a lot of situations like that in the corporate world 😉

    1. gelo says:

      I strongly agree 🙂

  53. _BGNC says:

    Reblogged this on thesweetestskygarden and commented:
    One of the best posts ever.

  54. robby says:

    Being a UP graduate myself, I can confidently say that UP is an excellent educational institution. That being said, I can also confidently say that not everyone who makes it to UP is highly intelligent or skilled. To prove my point, I had classmates in Creative Writing who always messed up their prepositions and subject-verb agreements. Yes, being an Iskolar ng Bayan is something we can be proud of. Pero hanggat wala pa tayong napapatunayan, wag tayo masyadong mayabang.

  55. Ramon says:

    Humility nga…
    Eto isang reason: CRAPPY FACILITIES

  56. Isang Manunulat says:

    Ganda ng thread. Langaw vs Langaw. UP is UP. Walang drama. UP is UP. Sa mga bitter dyan, umiyak muna kayo bago kayo magdrama dito. Meh humor yung post. Kinain nyo lang at ginawang bitter pill sa kung ano mang dahilan ang meron kayo. Konting utak naman. Isa pa tong mga nagse-stereotype. Pare-pareho lang tayong kumakain ng kanin. UP grad din ako pero nak ng tinapang fetus naman, konting utak rin. UP pa rin yun. Honor and Excellence, mga dre. Walang “honor” sa kabobohan na pinapakita niyo. Chill. Relax. i-enjoy ang buhay.

  57. Party Pooper says:

    Sana may follow-up posts. Ganito ang titles:

    1. 10 reasons why UP is not the best school in SouthEast Asia (barely made the top 10)

    2. 10 reasons why UP is not the best school in Asia (not even in the top 50)

    3. 10 reasons why UP is not the best school in the world (not even in the top 200)

    4. 10 reasons why some UP students celebrate mediocrity

  58. nicoleangelamallari says:


  59. Anonymous says:

    Ito pa no. 11-20.

  60. Sinshana says:

    I especially agree with reasons #5 and #8

  61. Maybe, mas masisipag lang talagang magturo ang mga Professors sa UP, Unlike in other State Univ’s 😦 that’s why your school is number one in the philippines. Fact.

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