Elephant Milki Wireless Mouse: The most silent mouse ever!

I have used several kinds and brands of wireless mouse but this Elephant Milki Souris Bluetrack I received is different.
Reasons? Read the review-like bullets below:
1. Its body is made up of rubber coating that makes it comfortable to use. Some wireless mouse I used are either metallic or plastic.


2. It has a wireless mini receiver that can be inserted into a USB port with ease. Though, wireless mouse I used have this mini USB/receiver, too.

Mouse and mini USB

3. It is aesthetically done. It is so cute and has cool design. It has also blue light laser that indicates it is ready to use.

Mouse (back)

4. It has smooth metallic scroll and a button for backward and forward command! That has an added value to convenience.


5. You can still surf the internet or do what ever you want on your laptop using this wireless mouse even if you are 10 meters away!


6. It so super quiet! This is the best feature this wireless mouse can give! A click produces no decibel.
Overall, this Elephant Milki Wireless Mouse is so recommendable and worth the price pegged at P495 only.
Visit Datablitz, seller of this mouse, for more info.
(This is my first tech review)

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