You haven’t tried a flavored salted egg? 4 reasons why you should try one now

According to, a website publishing articles about poultry and livestock, on average, we Filipinos consumed 5.65 kilograms of egg for the year 2007. This is an interesting fact because whether we like it or not, we actually eat eggs from breakfast to dinner to up to even the midnight snack.

Since we are big consumers of eggs, it is therefore right to revolutionize eggs the way they don’t, obviously to adapt to the changing taste and need of our unstoppable stomach.

And from the humble beginnings in the foot of Mt. Banahaw in Majayjay, Laguna, an innovation of eggs started.

Mr. Victorino was a banker who saw the opportunity in a salted egg business when he bought a right to a salted egg research and innovation from Occidental Mindoro State College. The rest is history as they because since last year, Mr. Victorino became an egg distributor while attending livestock and business fairs throughout the metro. He was able to put up his very own Victorino and Virginia’s Farm with office in his home in Pacita, San Pedro, Laguna.

More on the background, below are the reasons why you should try the flavored salted egg I am talking about.

1. It is a salted egg that is not really salty

You read it right. Mr. Victorino and his team wouldn’t want you to make nervous of your health while eating this kind of egg that is not overly salted. Just the right amount of salt your tastebud want. It is not salty that you don’t need a tomato with onions on the side (but tomato is still a good partner). It is not too salted that you can eat it the way you do to penoy. But isn’t defeated the purpose of “salted egg”? No! The salt content is still higher that the usual egg BUT not overly salted the way red eggs or pulang itlog you used to buy in the market. Make a shift now!

An adobo-flavored salted egg and tuyo. The best combo!

An adobo-flavored salted egg and tuyo. The best combo!

2. It is a salted egg that is not too stingy to eat and smell

One of my brothers is not a fan of salted eggs because of its smell that he just vomit it every time he eats the delicious egg. Are you like my brother, too? Then, Mr. Victorino has the answer to that problem. Try the new flavored salted egg and be surprised to the changes of the smell. Compare it with the red eggs in the market and I guarantee you some percentages sure.

3. It is a salted egg that will be mainstream anytime soon. 

Just like how red salted eggs became a boom industry, this flavored salted eggs of Mr. Victorino will be available nationwide and if this happens, you will be out of place if you don’t try it now. Be the first to taste it. It is actually the first in the Philippines.

4. It is a salted egg that is…uhmm, flavored!

To top it all, the best thing about this flavored salted egg of Mr. Victorino is that you have five flavors to choose from – adobo, garlic, basil, lemongrass and cheese! So, this means that you are eating two-in-one!

Lemongrass-flavored salted egg

Lemongrass-flavored salted egg

Garlic-flavored salted egg

Garlic-flavored salted egg

Cheese-flavored salted egg

Cheese-flavored salted egg

Wanna try it? Just contact the Victorino & Victoria’s Farm at 0917-988-2232 and they will deliver it. Visit their Facebook page here.   



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