Duterte’s coming proves he wants to glow, not shine


Duterte (right) with Sen. Kiko Pimentel (left). Photo courtesy from Inquirer.net

The October filing of candidacy saw no Duterte in COMELEC. Several supporters were there at the Palacio del Gobernador to witness his arrival and to support his filing, but they failed and was failed. They even bald their hairs to replicate what Inday Sara, his daughter with an ironfist, did to her hair days before the filing.

But just last week, after so many months of hearsay and dramarama sa hapon-like series, Duterte declared his presidential aspiration. Some Filipinos, who are actually blinded by his human rights violations and praised his different crime and corruption-prevention styles, rejoiced through social media. These Filipinos, who are so avid supporters, was not discouraged by his non-appearance in the COMELEC during the days of filing because the media reported beforehand that the Commission allows substitution. After a week of filing, news came out saying that Martin Dino a partymate in PDP-Laban, which is a former Binay-chaired and now Sueno-Pimentel-led party, vowed to give up his presidential bid for Duterte. This withdrawal-in-replace-of scheme is provided by the Omnibus Election Code (Section 77). Candidates are given until December 10 to completely withdraw to give way to someone (or if a partymate dies). This is why, Duterte was confident enough in not appearing in the election office while insisting that he had no plans to run for the highest post in the land.

Duterte, when he declared his intention to run, clearly said why he ate his own words – he is running because Grace Poe was able to win against the disqualification case filed against her at the Senate Electoral Tribunal which voted 5-4. According to him, Duterte does not want to have a president that is non-Filipino which some couldn’t understand where he based his accusations. Well, he is a lawyer after all who graduated in one of the top-lawyer producer San Beda College.

Considering his very reason to run, it is apparent that he wants to glow, not shine. To glow meaning, outshining others to be appreciated, to be talked about, to not include others. He doesn’t want to shine. To not shine, meaning, having his own glow and keeping by himself the light he gains. It is like the sun who doesn’t want to share his light to the moon.

It is also apparent that while Duterte has valid argument, he just cited Poe’s triumph to reason out why he chose to run. Maybe, he has no other reasons (except of course, his vision for the country). 

But still, Duterte was able to maintain and even increase some voter support and appreciation. Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano, his expected running mate, could help him secure some Luzon votes while he could help Cayetano gain Mindanao votes. After the SET results released, Sen. Pia Cayetano, sister of Alan, was revealed to be the swing vote among the members of the tribunal. Poe could have been disqualified had not the woman Cayetano thought of her personal experience. This is  but another issue. 

Duterte is a long-time mayor of Davao City, the largest in the country. He made the city the safest place in the country, and one in the world. He also served as its district representative and was able to establish his own empire in the south, letting his daughter and son to run for important posts at the local level. Which is why, when PNoy vowed to pass the Anti-Dynasty bill, he commented that the president should look first around his own circle, his own family. Moreover, he is a known fighter of drug-abuse, crime and corruption but his style of eradicating these issues do not make human rights advocates happy. A vice-presidential aspirant, whom I had the opportunity to interview, said that while people praise Duterte’s advocacies to fight crimes and drug-abuse, people cannot be assured that he can do it at the national level. Duterte could only do it at the local level which is very different environment far step higher.

[More of Duterte’s life, education, etc.]

Another issue, which some Filipinos raised in social media, is his ‘pabebe’-ness. Pabebe, meaning, taking so long to decide or needing some 10 million Filipinos to encourage him to run. A comment on a Facebook timeline said that people do not need a president that has no one word, not a man (or a woman or LGBT), and inconsistent which might affect the country’s future. But after all, Duterte’s pabebe style always captures by the media which in turn, gives him the publicity every candidate would want to have. 


Featured image from Rappler.com


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